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What does my TgAb thyroid 210 blood test mean?

Hi. So I finally took Barbs advice and got my blood tests done for ALL thyroid related blood tests across the thyroid panel. I got all my frees, Tsh, tpo and TgAb tests done. All my thyroid levels came back in perfect normal range always. I don’t remember the ranges for the tsh and t3 t4 all of them. But they were dead smack in the middle of the ranges. Every single test came back normal except my TgAb which was incredibly high, 210.3!!!!! The normal range for TgAb is 0.0-0.9!!!! I don’t know what that means. Everything else is always super normal in me but by TgAb was super high. Does that mean I have hashimotos for sure? Any help would be helpful. I just got my blood results today actually. Thank you in advance.
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Excerpt from Lab test Online AU Explaining Pathology - Thyroid Antibodies...

"Mild to moderately elevated levels of thyroid antibodies may be found in a variety of thyroid and autoimmune disorders, such as thyroid cancer, Type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, pernicious anaemia, and autoimmune collagen vascular diseases. Significantly increased concentrations most frequently indicate thyroid autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease.

In general, their presence suggests that there is autoimmune thyroid involvement and the higher the level, the more likely that is. Rising levels may be more significant than stable levels as they indicate an increase in autoimmune activity."
Good to know. Thank you so much.
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Sorry, if I am asking for info already provided somewhere, but please tell us about your symptoms.  Also, test results and associated reference ranges vary from one lab to another, so please post your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.  
Darn. I didn’t get the lab paper work. Doctor still has it. But then I saw it all my thyroid tests were dead smack in the middle of the ranges. Literally. Except this TgAb 210.3 one!!! My symptoms aren’t tired, it’s not brain fog, and all the other Hashimoto symptoms. It’s severe air hunger and palpitations. Those are it only.
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Both of those symptoms can result from hypothyroidism.   We really need to see your lab report to see all the tests that were done and results.  Can you get a copy and post results and reference ranges?
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