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Whats everyones holiday menu

Shakey but I am gonna fix a great holiday meal.
stuffed cabbage
pasta salad
potato salad
deviled eggs
salmon dip
lima baked beans
Thank goodness Im loosing weight right now  
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I have one child left in school and he went back aug. 5   He absolutely hates school. He has one more year after this. Thank goodness. College will be much better for him.
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My husband has to work as usual - never off on holidays.

I am going to get ready for back to school - I am a secretary and the first day the kids return is Tuesday.

may have lunch with my sister - not sure. I will clean AGAIN and I think we will have chicken for dinner.

Oh those first few days thos kiddies get back to school are crazy :)

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Yum lilypad sounds good. you need to also share recipes.

Pep88, I use butter beans and mix ketchup and mustard and brown sugar to taste and slow cook them in a slow cooker of course for about six hours. they get real thick and soft. ewwww my mouth is watering just thinking about them.  

I wont eat to much though. I get hungry, but sometimes things dont stay in my stomach very long
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I've never heard of baked lima beans.  But they sound good.  Are they like regular baked beans with limas?  Care to share any recipes?
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That sounds great.
We're going to a BBQ later on, and I'm going to make a Tabouli Salad & perhaps an Asian Coleslaw.

For tomorrow, we're just hanging around the house, I'm a school teacher and Labor Day has never been one of my favorite days, and this year even less so because August seemed like such a bust due to my surgery etc.
But I think I'm going to make a pot of green chili & perhaps some cheddar cornbread.  I haven't been losing weight, and need to but there's always Tuesday to start right.
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