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bipolar thyroid connection

I have Hashimotos. My daughter suffers from bipolar II, Recently I discovered a doc who advocated low thyroid can be the cause of depression, which is a stage of bipolar disease.  Could some of her symptoms be hypothyroid, even though the TSH test is "in normal range"?  I suffered for years from  fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, memory loss, constipation and feeling cold.  She has all these symptoms, plus depression and anxiety.  Her doc said they used thyroid drugs in bipolar patients prior to the release of many current drugs used for mental illness. Are we ignoring simple solutions for making people feel good by advocating it is all "in her head"? Could some of her crying spells, lack of motivation, weight gain, lack of self confidence, fatigue and keeping her house at 75 degrees a symptom of hypothyroid?
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Hi, I have Hashimotos also.  Thyroid problems can run in families, as they do in mine.  My mom had underactive thyroid, my sis has hypothyroid, and my youngest daughter has had some issue with her parathyroid.  All us girls also have pcos.  You say your daughter's TSH shows in the normal range.  The doctor should be also checking T-3 and T-4 levels, as TSH is not always a good indicator of total thyroid function.  That would be the simplest thing to do, as it does appear she has symptoms of hypothyroid.  Depression is one of the symptoms for that also, so if she is suffering from hypothyroidism getting that diagnosis and getting her on either the synthetic levothyroxine or similar, or the natural Armour.  Even if she is in the low normal range, a trial dosage of a low amount might help her symptoms.  Best wishes for you and your daughter!
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My son is 13.He was diagnosed conduct disorder, mood disorder, explosive anger disorder,  bi polar at 12. I have lost my mind. I have switched meds. he has been hospitalized 5 times in the last year. Last week, I was told there was a test TH.. something or the other that needed to be repeated. My friend, a nurse, said this could very well be the reason these meds are not working. It is his thyroid. I am hoping that this is it, This poor kid has all the symptoms of a bipolar person plus. I never realized that a thyroid could affect anything more than your weight. He has a sleep disorder. I understand that the thyroid can take the serotonin and keep you from sleeping. causes anxiety. He cant sleep. he is restless. I was told today that could be due to meds, or thyroid... I need input. i want to believe that with treatment he could be ok.
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This link is an article that you might find useful.  


The test you mentioned is TSH, which is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.  It is the test used most frequently by doctors.  I would also make sure that he is tested for free T3 and free T4, which are the actual, biologically active thyroid hormones.  Note that these tests are not the same as total T3 and total T4.  If the doctor resists testing for FT3 and FT4, then you should insist and not take no for an answer.  Also be aware that just having results barely within the low limit of the ranges for FT3 and FT4 does not mean they are "normal".  The ranges are very broad and many members here report that they needed their FT3 and FT4 to be in the upper part of the ranges.    
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