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blood work results

Hi I have not been feeling very well. I went to the hospital this morning and they did some blood work. I have lupus as well as hashimotos.
White cell count 4.1 (5.5 -10.00) low
Blood urea nitrogen 5 low
Ast 13 (15 - 37) low
Alt 28  30 - 65) low
T uptake 29 (30-39) low
T4 6.0 (4.50 - 12.00) normal
Free Thyroxine 1.9 (1.3 - 4.8) normal)
Thyroid stimulating hormone 2.82 (0.34 4.82) nomal
Platelet count 195 (175 - 450) normal
Red blood count 4.30 (4.00 - 5.40) normal

I have been having swelling in the neck (glands) and fatigue with cold chills and hot flashes. My nephew and neice had coxsackie virus and after being there to help out I seem to have picked up the virus. My issue is that I was told I should have a high white cell count.. I do not.. in fact it is too low. I have my first app this thursday and was not sure hat to expect. I was told my T3 levels were low and that the ultrasound shows nodules and inflamation and I have anitbodies against my thyroid..
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hmmm.  i don't know much about lupus other than it really exacerbates any infection/virus.  i'm sure that lupus can effect white blood cell count as well.

i'm not a doctor, but i think that viruses lower the white blood cell count, so your low wbc may indicate coxsackie virus infection.

what was your free t3 with ref range?  a low free t3 could very well cause fatigue and malaise...especially when combined with lupus and coxsackie virus infection.  since you have hashimotos, you're likely to have antibodies for years.  it doesn't necessarily mean it's causing the other problems.  i would think the virus and lupus would be causing the majority of the problems.  of course, the low free t3 and the fact that you have hashis need to be monitored a couple of times a year to make sure that your levels are within range.  were you diagnosed with hashis in the past?  are you taking any thyroid replacement drugs?
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Hello. It all started back in March.. was always too cold, dizzy and felt tired and faint.. then I began getting palpitations. My obgyn doc took a bunch of blood work then and said I tested positive for lupus.. and that my t3 was very low.. so I began seeing the heart doc who placed me on a king of hearts moniotr.. said I had a racing high heart beat (sinus tach..??) and put me on low dose beta blockers.. then I had more blood work done by a rhuemie who said that I definilty had lupus and to see me again (soon) .. I just got an internalist (family doc) and my first visit with him is on the 9th.. in the mean time my ob sent me for an ultrasound of my thyroid which came back inflammed with nodules on my left side.. so then I began getting sick and headed out to the hosp this morning where they took that blood work.. I have to bring all my results with me to the doc app this thursday. I am currently not on any medications and I assume on Thursday I will have some answers as to where I go from here. I just wish I had energy.. BC I surely do not.
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it definitely sounds like all the doctors need to collaborate to get you on the right track.  what kind of doc do you see on the 9th?  
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I see my new internalist.. she is the main doctor. Should I be seeing an endo? I am not one to take pharmacy drugs but I also know that there is a reason for them and a time and place to begin and I am starting to think I need that help.
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I got blood work done. i cant see a doctor for another 2 months because they are so busy. can you tell me what this all means? im 24 years old:

*MY RESULTS-  GFR  >60  mL/min/1.73 sqm

Notes for GFR:
1. Multiply result by 1.21 if patient is black/African
2. Chronic kidney disease: <60 mL/min/1.73 sq.m.
Renal Failure: 24.8  ng/mL
Reference Range: >5.8 ng/mL
Folate Deficiency: <4.0 ng/mL

*MY RESULTS  Vitamin B12  517    180 - 914  pg/mL
Indeterminate 145-180 pg/mL
Deficiency <145 pg/mL
Some patients with low serum B12 (cobalamin) levels do not
appear to be deficient in cobalamin. Serum B12 is low normal
in a small number of patients with cobalamin deficiency. In
complex or borderline cases, evalutaion of serum methylmalonic
acid and serum total homocysteine may be of value, along with
serum intrinsic factor antibody.

*MY RESULTS  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone  1.13     0.34 - 5.60      uIU/mL
Free T4  0.75   0.61 - 1.12  ng/dL

*MY RESULTS   Sedimentation Rate   22      0 - 10    mm/Hr  H
FOR OUTPATIENT SPECIMENS: Results may be falsely decreased due
to delay in testing time. Optimal specimen is tested within

*MY RESULTS  RBC Count    4.06       4.20 - 5.40      M     L
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GFR tests for kidney function.  You result is > 60, which it should be, so you don't seem to have kidney issues.

Vitamin B12 - your result is approximately mid range; so for all practical purposes, you don't have an issue there, either, unless you have symptoms of B12 deficiency.

Your TSH looks good; Free T4 is very low in the range, but that may not be an issue either.

RBC is below range, indicating that you be iron deficient.

What prompted these tests?  Are you having symptoms?  If so, what symptoms?  

Are you on a thyroid medication?  If so, which one, at what dosage?
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P. S.  Forgot to mention that this is a very old thread and you might get more attention if you start a new thread of your own.  

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