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bouts of hyper?

I'm hypo and have a small goiter. They started me on levothyroxin about 3 weeks ago. I'm already seeing a little puffy weight gain, but whatever.

My real question is ... every once in a blue moon, I feel my heartbeat go really fast for a minute or so. Is that like a little bout of hyper or something? Is that okay and normal? When it happens, is it okay to keep working out or moving around or whatever I'm doing? It doesn't bother me enough to think I should stop and sit down...but I just wanted to know if I'm supposed to sit down when it happens.

Thanks for your help!
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I'm not sure. I've been on levoxyl (75) since Dec and have started having moments of chest tightness and anxiety. I attributed it to my body getting used to thyroid hormone that it had been deprived of. My symptoms come and go so I haven't been too worried. I'll bring it up at my next appointment.

The bloating and gas driving me crazy. Once I get that resolved I'll look more into the other stuff.

Aren't you supposed to lose weight once your thyroid starts to normalize? I'm 5'6" and have already lost 10 pounds (138-128ish). I attributed the loss to thyroid medication and not being able to eat as much at once sitting due to the bloating.
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Ugghhh, I know, the bloating is awful. I'm so constipated. Let me know what your doc says about that. I won't be seeing mine for another two months. I've started taking a probiotic to maybe try and help things move along but so far, no luck.

I've gained a few. I think it reacts to everyone differently and it seems I'm going to have bad luck. It's nothing major...only 3 pounds so far, but I have a small frame so I definitely notice the extra weight.
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Have you guys with constipation due to thyroid problems tried Myralex? My doctor told me to take that due to all the antibiotics I have been on that tend to constipate me.

It works well for me.
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I wasn't sure if I was allowed to use a laxative since it might mess with the effectiveness of the thyroid medication. But then someone said I could use it if it was four hours after or before I take the medication...is that true?

Also, is it okay to use it like once a week or is that too much? How much do you use it?

I've upped my fiber intake...but that's not really helping either.
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My doctor is the one who put me on it and she is the one who treats my thyroid problems. She told me it is not a laxative, but a stool softner. I went to the ER because of severe constipation, and he also prescribed stool softners and told me it was not a laxative. Although he did give me a strong laxative at the time of the ER visit.

I usually take it in the evening. I take my thyroid in the morning.

She told me to use it every day since the antiboitic I am on is VERY LONG TERM. I actually started using it back in July due to that is when I was put on antibiotics for A LOT of infections.

Check with your doctor before taking it.
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That is good news!! The few times I did take it, it did work for me.

I'll definitely call my doc to make sure but I'm sure it's fine - I didn't know it wans't considered a laxative.

Thanks so much for your input!
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