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elevated free T3 and T4 , normal TSH

result came as
tsh      = 2.39                          normal range (0.25-5.0)
fee t3  = 5.11                           (1.71-3.71)
free t4 =1.51                            (0.70-1.48)

t3 and t4 high , but tsh normal
can anyone knows anything tjis ,
do i need treatment ????
please reply
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You're definetly hyperthyroid and you need help. What does your doctor say? And how do you feel? I know I would feel aweful with those numbers.

Normally your TSH would be very low with T3 and T4 that high, as in Graves' disease. It's weird your TSH is that high.
You definetly need further testing and treatments to get your levels down. If your heart rate is too high you might also need beta blockers to protect your heart.
Please call your doctor first thing Monday morning if he/she doesn't call you first.
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are u sure that am hyperthyroid ????
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Yes, your actual thyroid hormones, the FT3 and FT4 are out of the ranges, above the ranges. When your hypothyroid, it's the opposite.

I went through a hyperphase last year, my numbers were way above the ranges and I felt absolutely horrible. I was dripping of sweats, also night sweats. My heartbeat was very fast and uncomfortable hard. My anxiety was torture, I had shakes and so on.
But then my TSH was also very low, like 0,02.
So, how do you feel? Do you have any symptoms?

I'll bet your doctor that ordered these tests will contact you on Monday. If you'll go untreated you can end up really sick and it can do damage.
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You have started two threads on the same subject.   You have yet to tell us about what symptoms you are having.  
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sweating is very high , and anxiety too....

always thinking about health for the last few months
very high in anxiety
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Your test results clearly point to hyperthyroidism.  I think you should request a TSI test to determine if it is related to Grave's Disease.  Also suggest an ultrasound test of your thyroid gland.  From those tests the doctor can determine what needs to be done.  
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am very much afraid now , :(  :(
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I understand, it is scary. But see this as your chance of getting treatment and feel good again.
My sister got the diagnosis Graves one year ago. She already have  had a full thyroidectomy now and is on levothyroxine and feel 100% great again.

You might have "toxic nodules" (which are not as bad as it sounds and there are treatments for full recovery) that are not uncommon, or something else. But you will feel good again. The most important for you now is that you're doctor is great with thyroid problems, knows what tests to order and listens to your symptoms.
Good luck!
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