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getting prego with hypothyroidism

Im 21 and me and my fiancee are TRYING to get pregnant... weve been trying for about 6 months now and im getting frustrated!!!!
I get depressed everytime i get my period...
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism since i was 15 days old, and ever since then ive been taking my pill... I have a regular period, every month, since i was 12... as far as im concerned, im regular and there shouldnt be any reason why i cant get pregnant-RIGHT?!!?!??!
please help me!
We want a baby and im scared(and dont really have the income) to get a fertility test....
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You need to have your Ft3, Ft4 and TSH levels done and they all have to be stable and balanced so that you are able to fall pregnant.
Get those levels stable and you may be successful.

Another olds wives tale is ...dont try so hard. Forget all about getting pregnant and it may just happen lol.
It worked for me after trying to have my daughter 23 years ago.
I went back to work and was pregnant 4 months later.
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