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hashimotos and mood disorders

how many folks with this diagnosis have experienced waxing and waning mood and anxiety symptoms along with sleep disturbances that do not respond very well to the usual meds. after surgery and on levoxyl now and still having problems. do they finally go away? is there any treatment that is more effective than another? the endocrinologists dont even admit that there is a connection but after donig several searches on pubmed central there have been numerous studies to show there is definitely a connection and that these problems are much harder to treat. thank you.
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Welcome to the thyroid mood club. lol   Really I think most of us have dealt with the anxiety symptoms, moods, sleep disturbances.....yuck!
Symptoms get relieved when you have been on an optimal dosage for a period of time. My endo explained it well to me.....It takes twice as long for your body to heal from the time you spent ill or undertreated.
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thank you for your comment.
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In alot of cases - especially with no thyroid function on it's own. The body will use up supplements and you can be deficient.

3 that are very common are B's - magnesium and iodine.
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so if I have been hypo for more than 20 yrs then I have to wait 40 years until I feel well ???
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Gosh I hope not! lol
How long have you been on medication and MOST importantly what are your levels?
Do you have your latest labs? Could you post those with ranges please?
I meant if you have been undertreated or not treated at all.  :)
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