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help with bloods

i Could someone help with these bloods..
TSH 2.7 (0.2-4.0), Free T3 5.5 (3.5-6.5)
The lab report on the tsh was TSH should be in the lower half of the quoted ranges (ie 0.2-2 mu/L) in patients on replacements.

calcium 2.42 (2.20-2.60)
albumin 46g/l (35-50)
corrected 2.28 (2.20-2.60)
phosphate 1.34 (0.8-1.5)
c reactive protein <4 mg/l <10
rheumatoid <10 iu/ml <20
total bilirubin 8 umol/l <21
alkaline phospatatase 70 iu/l (30- 130)
alanine transaminase 17 iu/l 90 mL/min1.73*2

Full Bloods Count..
Haemoglobin * 153 g/l (115-150) Slightly high
White Blood Count 7.00 10^9/L (3.5 9.0)
platelets 317 10^9/L (140- 400)
haematocrit (pvc) * 0.468 ( 0.36- 0.46) Slightly high
Red Blood count 4.82 10^12L (3.80-5.0)
mean cell volume 97.0fl (80.0 - 99.0)
mean cell haemoglobin 31.6 pg (27.5-32.5)
mean cell haemoblobin conc 326gl (310- 350)
neutrophils 4.05 10^9/L (1.70- 8.0)
lymphocytes 2.38 10^9/L (1.00-4.00)
monocytes 0.44 10^9/L (0.20-0.80)
eosinophils 0.13 10^9/L (0.04- 0.40)
basophils 0.04 10^9/L (0.02-0.10)

Any feed back will be much appreciated... what does it mean with the slightly high in full bloods count mean... im at doctors tommorow.
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Please ask for Free T4 in the future so we can see the big picture. The TSH and Free T3 look fine but cant see the big picture without the FreeT4. Most feel well with their Free T3 Upper Mid Range and their Free T4 in mid Range.
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MCV is in red flag range (under 78 or over 95).  Significant macrocytosis is usually defined as an MCV greater than 99. Causes of macrocytosis include alcohol abuse/chronic alcohol use, vitamin B12 or folate deficiency, DNA synthesis-inhibiting drugs, hypothyroidism, reticulocytosis, liver disease, myeloproliferative disease.

Dr Kaslow's website lists increase in haemoglobin and haematocrit can be seen with dehydration, emphysema, severe asthma, other forms of long-standing respiratory distress, macrocytosis, adrenal cortex overactivity, polycythemia vera, high altitude adaptation, splenic hypofunction, testosterone supplementation.
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