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I have just been told my thyroid is burnt out. I had hashimotos desease and under active thyroid. My Doctor only does the tsh test. I used to take 3 tablets a day about 6 years ago was happy, content, had energy etc.  Anyway since returning to the Uk. My new Doctor only tests tsh. I have terrible depression. constipation, sluggish.tiredness, over weight hair falling out etc and severe depression.  I am very unhappy. My Doctor has decreased my tablets to 1.5 and wants to decrease it even further. I am getting worse and piling on the weight. I tried explaining to him how much betterI am on more tablets but he does not listen. He says it is not good for my heart and I should be taking less but when I take even 2 tablets I feel so much better. I feel I should be back on the 3. Please help and advise me what I can do. Thanks
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Sent PM with more info.
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Adjusting meds on the basis of TSH alone is totally inadequate.  Your doctor should be testing FT4, at the very least.  FT3 should be tested as well, but you are going to have a hard time with that in the UK unless you go private.

Once on meds, TSH is often suppressed, making the doctor think we are hyper (overmedicated) when we are not.  Trust your symptoms...you sound very hypo.  You have to find a new doctor or get some private testing, find out what your FT3 and FT4 are, take those to your current doctor and see if he'll listen when the numbers are right in front of him.
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I totally agree with goolarra.  We are well aware of the difficulties of getting adequate testing and treatment for thyroid problems in the UK.  If unable to get to a private doctor, I thought you might benefit from this bit of advice from a fellow UK member.  After much difficulty she was finally able to get the testing and treatment she needed.  This is how she described what it took to get there.

"What I have learned from my experience is that you have to go to the Dr's office and TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT and to go backed up with knowledge.  You have to tell them that you have done your reading and looked into your condition and care about the long-term treatment of your health and thyroid.  If you fight for what you want, you will eventually find someone that is happy to go along with your wishes.  But we all have to take charge of our own health, right?"

We can provide the knowledge you need, and lots of references to scientific studies to support what we say.  You can use that and pressure  doctors to get what you need, and eventually you can get there.  

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It is easy to say. I have asked and asked but he is not listening. He keeps going on the tsh test only and says that they dont test t3 and t4 here.
Please help I am getting so desperate
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Your doctor is just complying with the NHS directives and doesn't know any better, or is unwilling to ignore the NHS.  So, we could provide you with lots of scientific information that refutes your doctor's treatment protocol and you can try to browbeat him into submission like the UK member quoted above.   Or you can go private.  In case you decide to do that I am sending a PM with the name of a member recommended doctor that is in Bristol.  It might be your best alternative at this point.  
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To get the PM, just click on your name and then click on messages.  
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