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need hel[p

i am new here i really need some help. i have been taking Levothyroxin 200mg for about 3 yrs, now and i  feel like **** everyday my thyroid dr. said foe me not to let anyboby mass with it  but she is not the one that  feel like hell. Do i need to see some body eles. Whan can i do       manie58.
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How do your labs look?? please post them. Why were you prescribed levothyroxin, what is your condition??
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I thought you liked and accepted my post to your last message.  This is what I said.  

"Many hypothyroid patients taking large doses of T4 meds find that their body doesn't adequately convert the T4 to T3.  Since Free T3 is the thyroid hormone that largely regulates metabolism and many other body functions, it is very important to know your Free T3 level.  Have you been tested for Free T3 and Free T4 (not the same as Total T3 and T4)?  If not, you should request to be tested for Free T3 and Free T4 each time you go in for testing.  If the doctor resists, then you should insist on it and don't take no for an answer.  Scientific studies have shown that Free T3 correlated best with hypo symptoms, while Free t4 and TSH did not correlate at all.  

Since many hypo patients are also deficient in other areas that can cause symptoms  as well, you should also ask to be tested for Vitamin A, D, B12, ferritin, and a full iron test panel.  

When test results are available, please get a copy of the lab report and post test results and reference ranges shown on the report and members will be glad to help interpret and advise further.  Also be aware that test results that fall in the lower end of the ranges for many of these tests are inadequate, even though they are within the so-called "normal" ranges."  

You should follow those suggestions and request all those tests and don't take no for an answer.  You should also ask the doctor if he is willing to treat you clinically for symptoms, rather than just by lab test results and reference ranges.  If the doctor has a problem with doing the tests and treating you clinically, then you are going to have to find a good thyroid doctor.  If you decide that you need one, I happen to know a very good one in your area.
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