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Is there cure? Or a way to bring it under control? The doctor ran a series of tests: doppler, blood work,nerve testing, etc. He said "Neuropathy w/ unknown diagnosis" Put me on  very low dosage of Gabamtin (sic) and Hydroxyotin (sic)
Then told me to get tested for diabetes in six months.  My feet, especially left foot -- numb, cold painful toes, pain in the balls of both feet.  It feels like it is starting to affect my hands. If not curable, is there a program to follow in order to live with it? Does it get worse? Can it subside? Physical therapy? massages? I teach high school and have  to go to work in two months. Gotta get this under control. If it helps I am 5'2" and 190 lbs. (yes, obsese) Would weight loss help it go away or get better? Pls offer me something, I am so scared that I might die from this.

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Have you had your B12 tested?  Has your doc mentioned Raynaud's?  

My other suggestion would be to find another doc for a second opinion.. and another.. and another... until you find someone who's willing to work harder for you.  It seems odd to me that he would stop at an "unknown origin" diagnosis when there might still be an answer out there.  You shouldn't accept that either.  Keep fighting.
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Have you been to a podiatrist? I had this same problem, except it was tarsal tunnel. Yes, that is tarsal. That is also a problem caused by hypothyroidism.  

In the meantime, check out vt b6 and use for nerve pain.

I had the surgery for the release. They should do a release on the top of the foot, along the inner aspect of the heel and the lateral part of your calf.

weight loss would be very beneficial to relieve some of the pressure as well.
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WELCOME to the COMMUNITY .. I am not well versed with your ? but wanted to stop by and say hello!

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