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normal TSH low free T4

My daughter had no period for 19 months and finally had one recently.  She is experiencing a lot of symptoms of heat flushes and anxiety and some depression.  Just got some preliminary blood work back that showed a normal TSH of 1.05 and a free T4 of .9, which is the lower level borderline for the reference range.  We did her bloodwork on day 21 of the cycle she finally had after 19 months, and her progesterone is only .5, which means she hasn't ovulated at all.  

Can my daughter have hypothyroidism with a free T4 of .9?  

Note:  I had taken my daughter 3 months ago to a homeopathic doctor who had her on homeopathic help for her thyroid.  She did finally get a period so maybe it has helped.  I had her stay off of the homeopathics for about a week before her blood test so that the blood test would not be skewed.  I would imagine some of the homeopathic stuff could still be helping her thyroid test results.
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Sounds like she is hypothyroid.  The dr should also test FT3 and antibodies to help the diagnosis.  Sounds like she could benefit with a low dose of thyroid meds.

Ideally Ft4 is at least middle of the range.

Please push for treatment.  not all doctors will treat if they consider her TSH is fine.  But given her symptoms and the FT4, further investigation and treatment would be rationally warranted.
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Thank you Sally I will. I took her to a pediatric endocrinologist who ordered the blood tests, including antibodies and other hormone tests.  I was a bit disturbed though that the doctor pushed for her to simultaneously see a psychiatrist about depression medication.  He said that not having periods can be from anxiety and depression.  My daughter was crying at the appointment because she had talked to her friend's mom about thyroid issues and was hoping to walk out of the appointment with a trial run of thyroid medication.  Her friend's mom had told her that within a couple of days of being on the medication she felt great.

The doctor told her it would take up to 3 weeks to get some of her blood tests back since the lab waits to batch several patients' tests together for the more specialized tests.

Now my daughter is pushing for depression medication because she is so tired of not feeling well.  The heat flushes and anxiety she is getting frequently.
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She should wait for the thyroid test results.  Thyroid being out is common cause of depression and treatment is thyroid meds NOT antideppressants.
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Thank you Sally, I appreciate your advice.  More blood test results have come back.  My daughter is very deficient in vitamin D and has been started on a prescription of vitamin D by her G.P.  Her cortisol is high and her free testosterone is high.  We are still waiting for her estridol results as well as another cortisone test and an ovarian antibodies test.  Obviously, there are hormones out of whack which will probably surprise the pediatric endocrinologist.  He told us she didn't look like someone who had thyroid or other hormonal issues.  I guess because she was low in weight (he doesn't know how freakishly hard she works to stay thin), no acne (she has seen a dermatologist for her face flushing and is on an antibiotic from him) and I guess he didn't see facial hair.  If this endocrinologist doesn't sufficiently address these blood test results, I will persist with an endocrinologist who will.
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