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red hands

I have recently observed my hands having a definite red discoloration and feel warm to others touch. Could this be related to any type thyroid condition? Please advise me what could be causing this> Thank you
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I have very red palms and fingers, with white or skin color blotches, as well as the bottom of my feet are red. However my hands and feet are almost  always cold.  The closest explnation from internet searching was  Palmar erythema, as suggest in the above post.

Palmar erythema can be a feature of chronic liver disease, pregnancy, thyrotoxicosis, rheumatoid arthritis, polycythaemia and rarely chronic febrile diseases, chronic leukaemia, or shoulder-hand syndrome.

Palmar erythema may also be the result of dermatoses such as eczema or psoriasis. It may also be a normal finding.

It has been attributed to high oestrogen levels."

If the redness is associated with peripheral change, that suggests a vascular etiology. Various studies like an ultrasound, or a physical exam to evaluate the peripheral pulses can be considered
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It could be palmar erythema or raynauds disease.  See link below about palmar erythema.

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Sorry I never heard of red hands. Do you have a Thyr condition now?  Check with your doctor are your hands cold/hot to touch? not to be a smarty pants - but it is freezing outside.
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