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Can anyone give some answers on "What is a thyroid storm?"
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A thyroid storm is an exacerbation of hyperthyroidism in people with untreated or poorly treated hyperthyroidism. A thyroid storm is most often seen in a hyperthyroid patient with intercurrent illness, trauma or emergency surgery.

The hallmark symptoms of a thyroid storm is a fever which can go as high as 40.5 - 41.1 C (105 - 106 F). Symptoms of a thyroid storm are severe and complications include fever, dehydration, rapid heart rate, irregular heart beat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, confusion, disorientation, heart failure, death.

You may see a wide or high pulse pressure.  Pulse pressure is normally around 40mmHg. Eg: 120/80 = 40, enlarged thyroid gland, exophthalmos (protruding eyes).  A thyroid storm is a life threatening medical emergency and needs to be treated before before all confirmatory diagnostic tests are performed.

An amino acid called L-carnitine has been shown to inhibit thyroid activity and may help prevent the possible lethal outcome of a thyroid storm. L-carnitine can be take alone or with anti-thyroid medication.
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Thyroid storm is/can be a life threatening situation, with the symptoms listed by Red_Star... thyroid storm requires emergency treatment.  If you or someone you know may be experiencing thyroid storm, you need to call 911 or go immediately to the nearest ER.
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Thank you for your informative answer.
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