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survival statistics

Ok, so follicular thyroid cancer has a 95% 10 year survival rate, what happens after that?
I'm halfway to 10 years. I don't know if any studies go beyond that. I worry a lot. That
seems to be my main purpose in life. If there is anyone out there who has dealt with
this particular type and has made it over, well how about 50 years? Is that stretching
it a bit too far? I'm 41 and my family has a fabulous record of long life. I'd like to think
I'll be one of those 90 somethings someday, like my grandparents are now. :)
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Terri, my understanding of that statistic is that 10 years after diagnosis, 95% of the people are still here,alive and well, not that their survival time is 10 years.  The first time I read that my heart just sank, and I thought I had only 10 years tops.  I am sure you will be one of those 90 somethings.
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Nissah is right.
What the studies mean is that after 10 years, 95% of the people were still alive lol!
You will live long enough to annoy the poops out of your kids and love yr grandkids lol :)
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Thanks, guys! LOL on the "annoy the poops" part :)
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Hehehehe ;)
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I had a  Hurthle Cell adenoma with changes... you want to read the chances of survival if it were cancer! I have found out that Hurthle Cells can be anywhere else in the body and can actually become cancerous too, without me even knowing! So I understand your worry!!!! I sometimes freak myself out with thinking has there been a few escapee cells into the rest of my body, how would I know, will I drop dead whilst on my push bike or will I get a bit of notice? Bah!!!! Now I just say, the heck with it....pour me a glass of wine, let me put my feet up and enjoy what life I am having NOW!
You know I read a story in the Reader's Digest only recently, of a woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer....she was a real worry wort, tried to ignore it, went into denial, finally took a huge overseas trekking holiday just to prove she could beat it.....guess what? She got killed in a car accident!!!!!! You can think you are going to die from an illness and spend years worrying, only to be duffed at the nearest interesction!
  Don't fret! Make the most of every day...live it like it IS your last one, and you will then die (when ever that is!) a good and happy and content person.
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Interesting (not haveing read the studies), but many thyroid cancers are noted in later life .. so when they say "still alive" does that incorporate those people who have died within those 10 yrs who didn't have cancer, too, I wonder .. or just those who died from direct result of their thyroid cancer.  


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