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ths very low

Hi everyone, my lab result are back and I don't get it my tsh is very low: 0.017 all the other stuff is normal.
tsh:0.017     triodothyronine, fre, serum :4.0       t4, free(direct): 1.02      thyroxine (t4): 7.0 testosterone,serum: 15         free testosterone(direct): 0.6     progesterone:0.3  cholesterol, total: 182    Hdl cholesterol: 49 vlda cholesterol cal: 14      ldl cholesterol cal:119 ( high)
can anyone help me figure this out my doc want to take from 120 mg to 90 mg. I am taking armour. I am getting it from canada drugs online. thank so much to anyone who take time to read my message and try  to help
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Are you taking thyroid hormone? If so, that is why your TSH is low. Someone on another board said that TSH should be 0.0 to be fully optimal on thyroid hormone replacement. My TSH last month was 0.013 something like that and my FT3 was 4.6 and flagged high from my lab as their range goes to 4.0. However, other labs go as high as 7.0 for FT3. I also do not have any hyper symptoms of too much T3 and, since reverse T3 is also an issue for me, it may be that the test is showing pooling of the T3 in the blood.

THis could be your case as well. Do you still have hypo symptoms with those labs?
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I also have a high FT3 by my lab at 5.5 the lab says anything over 4.2 is high but I recently had my son tested and  his doctors lab says over 5.2 is high same pg/ml measurment same state but a  big difference.

The TSH is not a good way to treat thyroid and should be ignored especially on desiccated thyroid.  What are your lab ranges?
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Anyone that is on a combination med with t4 and t3 will have a supressed TSH that will make you look hyper. When on a combo med, you have to go by the Free T4 and Free T3 levels.....not the TSH. Look at your lab ranges....most people are at an optimal range when their Free T4 is mid normal range and free t3 is mid to high normal range.
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I have Hypothyroid when I couldn't find armour her in the usa. I sent my prescritption to canada drugs, they have something similar.bur when I started on the new armour I wasn't feeling right so I went from 90 mg to 120m g I am feeling normal but my lab showed as:
tsh:0.017       t3 triodothyronine, free, serum :4.0       t4, free(direct): 1.02      
thyroxine (t4): 7.0    
my doc is telling that I should take less and go down to 90 mg because of my tsh. should I ignore her and keep taking my 120 m since I am feeling great or should I go back to 90 mg. by the way when she told me that I start taking 90 mg for week and I gainned 8 pounds, felt like crap.  Please help. should I worry. can a low TSH hurt me. thanks a lot and have a great day everyone.
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If you feel good at your dose dont change it.  The lab ranges are a reference guide.  If your blood pressure isn't high and your heart isn't racing with such a low tsh then stay there!  Those ranges aren't for everyone,  most people feel great between 1 and 2.  But you must be one who feels great below 1.  Just keep an eye on your symptoms and make sure you don't flop over to being hyperthyroid...especially your heart and blood pressure as hyperthryoidism can seriously damage your heart among other things.  Not that having hypothyroidism doesn't do it's damage, as we all know.

Do you have Hashi's?  I know my tsh fluctuates quite a bit and actually have days where I feel hyper even though my tsh doesn't reflect that on a constant basis.  As my thyroid "sputters" out more thyroid hormones randomly when it gets a break form being attacked.
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