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Nutritional supplements and thyroid condition


I was diagnosed with thyroiditis about half a year ago. I took prednisone for a bout 3 month and the symptoms went away, but my health was still not so good. About 2 months ago, I started taking USANA essential nutrient. The exact content of the supplement is listed at the end of this message. But about 10 days after I took the supplement, the pain in my neck came back. So I started taking prednisone again. Prednisone is very effective at suppressing the symptom (the pain) but taking the supplement seems counter-act that. Now I don't know what to do. Is the symptom after taking the supplement the so called healing crisis or could it be anything in the supplement that is causing the pain? Was it a mistake that I took prednisone after taking the supplement? Should I continue taking the supplement? I am desparate looking for an answer. Your help is very much appreciated!

Beta Carotene 3mg
vc (Vitamin C) 650mg
vd3 400IU
ve 200IU
vk 30mug
vb1 13.5mg
vb2 13.5mg
niacin 20mg
vb6 16mg
folic acid 500mug
vb12 100mug
biotin 150mug
pantothenic acid 45mg
olive fruit extract 15mg
mixed natural tocopherols 17mg
rutin 60mg
quercetin 12mg
hesperidin 12mg
green tea leaf extract-decaffeinated 7.5mg
pomegranate fruit extract 5mg
cinnamon bark extract 2mg
bilberry fruit extract 500mug
inositol 75mg
choline bitartrate 50mg
n-acetyl l-cysteine 50mg
bromelain 25mg
alpha lipoic acid 10mg
coq10 6mg
turmeric root extract 7.5mg
lutein 300mug
lycopene 500mug
broccoli flower concentrate 7.5mg
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I cannot answer you the question I would also like to start a natural med ..is this working for you ?I dont think I would like the prednisone is that all the treatment offered by the doctor ?
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