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Tourette's Cure - Worked for Me

Dear friends,

I have Tourette's syndrome, or at least 'had' it until about a year ago. While my symptoms were quite severe, I now, with proper care, am completely symptom free.
I have been using an oral appliance that has eradicated my symptoms, the appliance being based off the work of Dr. Anthony Sims    http://www.absimsdds.com/
My orthodontic specialist spoke to Dr. Sims, and made a similar appliance for me, and my tics stopped.

I can't believe this, and didn't believe the videos on Dr. Sims website when I saw them, but PLEASE check it out before you judge this.

To give you an idea of the extent of my Tourette Syndrome experience, I viewed a video of myself recent, where I would tic on average 6-8 times in 2 minutes.
Which, in a 16 hour day would be 2,880 tics, a not-so-insignificant number.
Furthermore, my tic (main one) was a serious jaw-wrench, which led to severe headaches, intense lacerations inside my mouth (had to have teeth taken out to stop the deep lacerations), and a loud cracking in my TMJ.

Since settling in with this appliance, I might have 1 in a whole day, and often never, and all the internal "neurological storms'' that can come with tourette syndrome are now gone.

Here is a paper on the treatment:

reply with any questions.
This has been a dream come true for me.

with love, and empathy,
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Someone else coming out with a load of crap trying to make money, do you really think people with tourettes don't know any better?
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Dear friend,

I appreciate your desire to protect people from scams, honestly. I also understand the frustration, and the disbelief. I actually felt somewhat angry when I encountered the website, which was given to me by my orthodontic specialist.

I have no connection with Dr. Sims. He lives in California, I live in British Columbia in Canada. I am not an orthodontic specialist, and cannot make the appliances. I have no means of making money of this, and don't even know how I could, to be honest.

I expected people to get angry, to not believe me, and even to insult me, for how could a physical appliance help what is taken to be a neurologically-based condition. I myself went to the University of British Columbia Movement Disorder Clinic for years, have taken multiple drugs for TS, and thus had a hard time believe it could even be possible.

However, as I did, prior to accusing me of being a charlatan, one who is attempting to somehow make money off of people's sorrow, please read the paper that I linked, and view the videos on the orthodontist's website.

Then, after viewing and reading, and considering, please feel free to ask any questions, and find out if I am trying to "scam people for their money" and how, and then feel free to post all over the internet that I am doing this, and how I am doing it. You would fully be in your right to do so.

Yet, if you choose not to actually investigate it, please do not prevent others from doing so, as it may truly improve their quality of life.

I wish you well and welcome any questions or thoughts.

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From other correspondence between 'Fuzzy' and I, which I thought would be important for others to read.

Here is one of the main papers (this was posted above)


From Google, you might want to read:


In addition, if your 'consultant' is a medical professional of the classic variety, he should have access to Dr. Sims other published paper on the appliance. Name and abstract below:

An intraoral neurocranial vertical distractor appliance provides unique treatment for Tourette's syndrome and resolves comorbid neurobehavioral problems of obsessive compulsive disorder.
Sims Anthony B; Stack Brendan C
Medical hypotheses 2010;75(2):179-84
8865 Stanford Blvd., Suite 131, Columbia, MD 21045, United States. ***@****

Abstract on
Evidence has existed for many years that individuals with Tourette's syndrome (T.S.) have associated neurobehavioral comorbid disorders. Though these disorders are not necessary to give a definitive diagnosis for Tourette's syndrome, many patients present with clinical signs of additional problems. Many believe that Tourette's is a neuropsychiatric disorder with symptoms originating from the brain or basal ganglia. Some of these coexisting conditions include attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, sleep disorders, and enuresis. We hypothesize that an intraoral device can be utilized to eliminate these associated comorbid neurobehavioral signs and symptoms. Use of this device, called a neurocranial vertical distractor (NCVD), results in the elimination of unwanted neurobehavioral disorders via normally existing trigeminoreticular fibers and tracts (Fig. 1).

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hey FNPin MAple
  i see Dr.stack in Washington, he made me an appliance. it definetely works. my only problem is flying across the country to see him for consultations. who do you see in california? i also live in BC by the way, so california would be a much quicker trip for me. any info on regarding contacts for dr.simms or for your specialist would be greatly apreciated.
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My husband has one of Dr. Stack's appliances.  His tics have decreased by 90% and he's only had it for 2 weeks!  We are very happy with the results.  Yes, it's a pain to fly from Iowa to Virginia, but it's worth all of the time and money.  My husband is going to try and see a local tmj specialist to do the maintenance on his appliance.  Hopefully he doesn't mess it up!  Glad others have seen improvement in these oral appliances!
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My husband had one of Dr. Stack's appliances and his tics are reduced by at least 90% and it's only been 2 weeks.  We are from Iowa and hope to have a local tmj specialist do maintenance on his appliance but will definitely continue to make the trip to Virginia if need be.  It's worth it.  When we were in his office a 13 year old boy was there with severe tourettes.  We saw him the next morning after his appliance was in and his tics had already decreased by 40%.  Dr. Stack was adjusting his appliance to get even better results.  it's really quite amazing.  
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