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Headaches / Dissiness after bump to head

9 days ago I bumped the top of my head on a very low ceiling when I stood up and didn't see it - Doh!!
It didnt hurt very much at the time - it did a bit but I am sure I have bumped it harder in the past.

I noticed a headache a day or so later, and noticed my head REALLY hurt when I leant over (almost being upside down) with the pressure from the blood going to my head.  My eyeballs ached badly when looking around too.  The headache seemed to be subsiding after a few days but just 3 days ago it suddenly came back nfor no apparent reason.  It was a pain on the top of my head that felt like I had only just bumped it hard.  My eyeballs ache too. And a subtle nausea comes and goes.

Today, I notcied that when I bent over and then stood up straight, I went dizzy - not like a spinning sensation, but a wobbly, off balance sensation and I felt I Would fall over.  This is happenening when I bend over and back up and also if I look up to the ceiling.
I saw my GP who said it was concussion and not to worry.  But the new dizziness that didn't seem to be there before is worrying me. Surely dizziness wouldnt come 8-9 days after the injury would it?

Any advice would be helpful.

James x
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Hey there James, sounds like you've got quite a serious problem.  I have suffered a severe TBI so I know what you're going through.  If new symptoms like dizziness are arising days after the incident, it may a sign of more serious complications. You may be at risk for something like a hematoma, aneurysm, bruising, nerve damage, or swelling of the brain.  When symptoms aren't going away but getting worse, it's time to go in for more tests.  I would suggest an MRI and head CT to prevent further injury or permanent damage.  So go back to your MD and get those tests!  
Best of luck, Katey
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Headache and dizziness that came after a few days of the impact on head should be investigated by a MRI of the brain and cervical spine. Such an impact on top of the head can cause cervical spine injuries or nerve compressions and can also cause a slow developing sub dural hematoma. Other possibilities are a minor leak due to burst blood vessel or a mild traumatic brain injury. Please push your GP for a MRI and if not possible go to an ER for this. Take care!
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4 days ago I discovered a bump to the back of my head directly in the middle about ear height. It itched, hurt to touch and when touched got a bad headache along with dizziness on the first night. Now it hurts to touch, makes me dizzy and nauseas.. Prior to this lump for about two months I experienced an everyday headache. Two night before I noticed the lump my right inner ear bled.. I also am experiencing blurred vision but it is not constant. Does anyone have any idea if thus is serious? Any idea what it can be? I have health insurance that ***** and don't have money to go to the dr's...
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Bleeding from the ear can be due to foreign body in the ear, infected wax, perforation of the ear drum with internal ear infection, ear polyp, ear boil, clotting disorders, middle ear infections and sudden pressure changes. The ear would need to be examined by an otoscope (a device to look inside the ear) by an ENT specialist to know what is causing the bleed.
If there is internal ear infection then post auricular lymph nodes (those behind the ear) can enlarge and become painful. Since you had an ear bleed, do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
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