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head injury

hi my sister fell down the stairs over 2 months ago she fractured her skull from the bottom about half way up an then to the side only way to describe it is like a question mark shape also fractured her arm she has still got the spins contatntly and the doctor said could take up to 18 months to stop also since the accident she says everything smells an tastes of vanilla she is a smoker an even this tastes like vanilla shes only 21 can anyone
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Constant spins is probably  vertigo and may come from inner ear, brain and other causes too.  It is good to check with neuro otolaryngologist and 18 months is a random number.  Vestibular rehab may help with the spins.  
As for as the smell concerned it is called Parosmia.  I have the same issue and not much can be done.  Again doctors give random number - they say 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, never.  Some people got the smell back spontaneously and some have success taking Neurontin, taking Zinc supplement but it is all only a try.

Good thing she is young and brain can adapt quickly in that age.
good luck.

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My daughter got hurt on the brain from the right side. She fell from the stairs.
X-Ray shows there is a fracture and the Doctor has recommended for CT-SCAN .
I just wanted to know what are the symptoms we need to watch for and what are the consequences of the injury.
She is 2.4 years old.

Please comment urgently.

Thanks a lot.
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I am not sure when you said "Doctor had recommended for CT-SCAN" because that is the first thing needed to be taken and then probably MRI for detail.
Your daughter needs to be in the ER right now and based on the CT-SCAN/MRI doctors will take immediate action if it is subdural hematoma, epidural hematoma, intracerebral hematoma or something else.
I don't think anyone here will be able to predict the consequences at this point.  DO NOT DELAY in getting treatment because the initial hours are crucial for full recovery.   I am not sure where you are located but in U.S few hospitals starting treating brain injury with Progesterone and had great outcome.  You can ask your doctors whether it is possible.
Good luck.
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