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Is AF Coming or Not???

Ok. So i am about 6 days late. I was on Progesterone cream for the past two cycles. 1 was 36 days and the other was 34 days. I am on CD 42. Will progesterone cream delay my period this much. I mean really. If you want to know more about what's going on my cycle, just friend me. But I really want to know if the progesterone cream will delay periods and delay them by how long
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I used progesterone cream and it never caused a change in my period. It was always on time.  I have also read that if you use progesterone cream af should start right after you stop if you were using it to suppress your menstrual cycle. I have heard people say it delayed their periods a couple days thou.

On a good note when I used the prog. cream and was 6 days late i got a + on a home preg test. Good luck!  
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Did you ever get an answer to your question? did af show up? Just curious. I am on cd31 now and have not been this late before. I should have started af this past Monday at the latest.
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Nope to all questions. I have a sono next Friday. Going to get to the to the bottom of this. Maybe I just skipped a month. Having O pains I think.

Hmmm do u have any symptoms
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