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can anyone one help me?

i have tried everything to get pregnant and me and my husband just aren't having any luck. does anyone have some tips or pointers on what we should do? we have been trying for over 2 years and i believe i have endometriosis too. please help asap.
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If you haven't already you need to go see a fertility specialist. Two years is a long time to try. Good luck!
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I agree. If you have actively been trying this whole time then it might be a good idea to see someone. Especially if you only suspect endometriosis. You'll want to get a diagnosis on a problem before trying because there could be other routes that you could take.
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I'm on the same road. we been ttc almost 2 yers ( however, we skipped few months so i think its 1 1/2 somthing) anyway, we did a semen analysis n' found tht DH hving low count. So far i'm ok, i hv regular CD's. n' ovulation. no luck so far. we been told that we should wait a bit longer to see fertility dr. i think after 30 yr or 35 yer. for us, we couldnt afford fertil tret now. so we thinking to wait bit longer. not longer than 30.
so if ur DH counts r normal, n' u dont hv problms.. just keep trying it will happn.
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Omg, n' u r only 20. you hv plenty of time :) so dont worry hang in ther ... keep trying.. :) Good luck n' lots of baby dusts
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what would i have to do to find a fertility specialist?
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i also took 2 months worth of fertile-aid pills and we were also told we were having too much intercourse. i didnt want to miss ovulation so we have been having intercourse like 5 times or more a day for 2 years. we were told to slow down and not have so much and we tried to wait three days but we are so used to it now we only made it to every other day. right now we are supposed to seperate it for 24 hrs bc i am fertile now. (my calendar said so) but we have already had intercourse like 2 times today.
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you need to start when on CD10 every other night then when you get your positive on your opk then you have sex that night and then the next night and go backt to every other night because it cause the sperm count to lower, so when you have sex everyother night it gives the sperm supply time to regenerate. this is what our RE told us.
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