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19 years old just moved to china - no stool in over a week!

I have just moved to China and I haven't had any problems with nausea, but I have not had a stool movement in the last week and a half and right before that I had a little diarrhea but not enough to explain this. I also have been  having lots of gas, some painful. This has never happened to me before and I want to know if it is IBS or something else. What can I do? Also, I heard it could be a sign of pregnancy and since I'm married I took a test and it was negative. So I've ruled that out. Can anyhone help me?
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sometimes travelling great distannces can do that. You can get constipated. Try eatig some prunes, it should resolve any day now If it doesnt happen in the next few days,, see a doctor.
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I would try taking a full dose of Milk of Magnesia (provided the Magnesium doesn't interfere with any medications you might be taking) before bedtime, with a full glass of water. Do this for 2 nights and then begin taking Metamucil (or equivilent) followed by a full glass of water each time. Once you think you are back on track, nix the Metamucil. However, fiber is good for you.
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Thank you both for your advice, but to the first one, I have been here since August 14 and I didn't start having these symptoms until I had been here a week. Could the moving still have caused it? How can moving great distances affect my body so much??
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It more has to do with the change in diet then travelling. Although usually you get diarhea not constipation. I am unsure if you are near are good western style hospitals but you may want to get yourself looked at if it doesn't clear up in a soon, also be on the look out for any pain and cramping.
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Stress can really bind you up, some people more than others. I know my husband experiences this while out commercial fishing. The gas may be due to "fermenting" of foods in your intestines. You need to get things moving. Again, I would recommend Milk of Magnesia. This by all means should send things right out of you by the morning. Do this for 2 nights, followed by a large glass of water. This should get things moving and "clear" your system out. The Metamucil (fiber) should help regulate you and form a "decent" stool.
Truly, you need to get things moving. If this doesn't help or while trying to do this, your instincts are telling you that you need extra help...by all means seek medical attention. It isn't good to be bound up.

Best of luck to you.
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Just to let you know, I was delivered some suppositories by one of my bosses because we don't have any resources for medicines here in China and he knew where to get some. So I used one last night and it worked, but I am still going to monitor to make sure my habits become normal again. Is this a healthy decision?
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Certainly, if the suppositories helped...that is a good thing. Your priority is/was to get "things" out of there. They should only be used short term. Let your body take over. I'm certain it will. In the meantime, if you can get ahold of Metamucil (it isn't a prescription) and use that a little while to get your system back on track and "used" to normalcy-that'd be good.
It may take a week or two but am sure your body will get back into "rhythm."
Keep yourself well hydrated and eat plenty of fruits & veggies-they're are a good thing.;-)
I'm certain you'll be fine. Better days for you, amberlou.

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