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25 years old. My heart rate anytime I do anything is 130. High BP.

I'm 25 years old. Male. 170 pounds. I've been bed ridden for months now. I have headaches, dizziness and feeling faint. My heart rate goes up to 120 if I do anything, sometimes resting its 100. My BP bounces. It's 100 over 60 laying sown but if I just get up it's 150 over 90. My right arm is numb and leg is numb. But everytime I go to th3 er they say my hearts fast bit looks fine, cardiologist said its fine. The er just looks me over and says you're fine go home or go see a doc. Then the doctors don't know what's wrong. Rn I'm so dizzy and idk what I should do. Anytime I go to th3 ER they say I'm fine and send me home.
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Has anyone done any tests at all?

How is your water intake? Nutrition? Could you maybe just be dehydrated?

You say all the doctors say you are fine - how have they come to that determination?
I've had an MRI no contrast 3 months ago. 3 months ago a head CT no contrast . Cardiologist did a Echo. I've had numerous EKGs . Had a chest and neck CT with contrast.  Had my blood taken a dozen times probably at this point. 4 ER trips.
Everything according to everyone looks normal but here I am rn. My world is spinning and I'm foggy. Head and neck pain. Nausea.  Hearts racing. Chest is tight pressure wise
Does anything trigger it? Does anything stop it?

Have you tried tracking it to a food you're eating? Alcohol you're drinking? Caffeine? Anything?

Did you have covid? Could it be long covid? It sounds a lot like long covid, though long covid can have a wide, wide variety of symptoms.

You didn't answer me about water. How's your water intake?
Water presumably is fine. I drink lots of fluids . I had covid a few times but tests are negative. Nothing triggers it. I just wake up this way . I've gone 3 days without eating and only drinking water, didn't change anything. I got the first covid shot a few months back but felt so bad I didn't get the 2nd because they told me not to until I felt better . Which didn't happen.
Could you have had covid prior to that? Thinking back to when it started, were you sick before that?

Do you ever have days when you feel okay? If you sleep on a couch or in a different bed, do you feel better?
I wasn't sick before the vaccine. Started feeling ill 2 weeks after . Then it really struck me about a month after.  And nothing helps besides just sleep,  and really I only feel ok for about 30 mins after I wake up.
Have you seen an infectious disease doctor? Maybe Lyme or something else?

Other than that, I don't know. I hope you find answers.
No specialists. Last night I went to the ER though and I have an extra rib in my collar apparently. They wanna consult with me and do some tests to see if it's causing something called thoracic outlet syndrome. He said it's unlikely to cause the high heart rate issue but maybe some of the foggy feeling.
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Sound like an atrial flutter. Either way just getting on beta blockers will stop it. I don't know why any cardiologist wouldn't just put you on beta blockers anyway if you're having that high of BPM. It sounds like it could be POTS syndrome too. Go to a cardiologist and specifically ask to get a tilt table test.
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I was prescribed beta blockers for anxiety.
I haven't taken them as I didn't get a chance to talk with my normal doctor about it yet.
I just know I'm 25. When I'm sittinf my heart is 100+ always. I've been throwing up everytime i eat pretty much and getting headaches.
Chessfan1991's answer sounds most likely. Unlike Afib, Atrial Flutter is less chaotic, and perhaps got quickly assessed as normal. Request that test.
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Could be Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, or another type of Dysautonomia.
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