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Until 6 months ago I have been totally healthy
Then I had Bronchitis and after that a rash on my uper torso and calfs
My Dr told me that this was a super bacterial infection.
I was given an antibiotic
I also had pink eye from this
I then felt better and about a month later was very tired and light headed.
I had Vertigo and was sent to an ENT
They found a sinus infection.
I was tested for allergies.
I was given antibiotics and decongestants.
I have been put on nazonex and alegra d
Since then I have lost weight and had ringing in my ears as well as bloot shot eyes mostly my right eyes
From the nose working inward.
Preassure in my ears and head aches
My ent thinks I need sinus surgery.
I was tested for syphalis by my regular doctor after I asked her if this could be latent syphalis due reading some syptoms online.
Rash etc.
I am hesitant to have sinus surgery right away
If this is the cause I would like to try more meds if you could suggest any.
I have had several blood tests such as Mono arthritis lymes etc.
All negative.
I also have 2 herniated disks c5/6 and c 7
I am going back to a neuro surgeon about this.
I had a new MRI and am awaiting a emg
I am paranoid that this could be someting more than a sinus infection.
any suggestions?
Thank you for your advice  
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There are a variety of symptoms present that may or may not be linked.  

I agree with the MRI and EMG to evaluated any central nervous symptoms.  

A sinus CT can evaluate for chronic sinusitis, as well as allergy testing for the upper respiratory symptoms.

The rash can be evaluated by a dermatologist, and a biopsy can be done to further evaluate the lesions.

If the pressure continues, I would obtain a second ENT opinion - preferably at a major academic medical center.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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The rash was gone after a week or two.
It has not returned since
I had a ct scan when first diagnosed
I have a bit of pain in my right eye as well as the bloodshot eye.
I also notice the eye gets worse when I stare at a computer screen.
I have been taking amoxicilan now for a second time and do feel a bit better
The eye is still bothering me
I have another appointment with the ENT tomorrow
I will update this after.
In the mean time if anyone can suggest anything or any questions to ask I would appreciate the input
Thank  you
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