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Big Toe growth problem causing pain/numbness

I have had for as long as I can remember a deformed big toe on my left foot. It is almost as if the bone between the two joints never grew, but the tow then crooks upwards. Half of the toe on the upper right side is numb, and incrementally my pain has increased on the bottom as all the pressure is on the joint. Theres burning and odd feelings but It has come to a point where it is 24/7 aching. I have attached an image below. Any suggestions would be fantastic and much appreciated. Maybe some slight gout as well?
Thank you all for your time
22 Year old Male
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I would like to add that there is no recollection of any trauma caused to the toe, this has had this shape for years as i can remember. But the pain is becoming a nuisance i cannot handle anymore
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Is it really a bone deformation or could it be that tendons keep your toe in that position?
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I believe that what you have is called Contracture of Extensor Hallucis Longus Tendon. A tendon going to your big to is contracted or to tight. You need to go to a Podiatrist to confirm this. If I am correct, I think the only way to address the issue is through surgery.

Please go see a doctor to get this checked out.
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Thank you so much this appears to be exactly what I am experiencing
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