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Cancer, trauma, or std?

I'm a 20 year old male and I have a few complications. I was always a rather frequent masterbator growing up and about a year ago I noticed a drop in my libido (I was pretty depressed so that might have something to do with it). I also started having sensitivity issues with my penis. It doesn't hinder me completely but it's a lot more sensititve than it used to be. Over the course of a year I've developed what looks like a mild skin rash that goes from the base of my penis to about the middle of it. The vein that is directly in the middle of the front of my penis is dark and has an outline till it gets to the rash where it takes on a reddish tint. My testicles have itchy blotches on it (I used to have this issue when I was 14 and I think it's from shaving to much). I've been with the same person for six months and before her it had been about a year since I last had sex. I never have any pains in my penis or any burning. About three weeks ago I had an ingrown hair on the rash but it didn't get very nasty I just made it worse by messing with it. I'm afraid I've tramautized my penis with rough sex. Yes I've considered an std but my question is why would it take this long and why is it still here if it is an std. I've spent time looking at every possibility and nothing matches up. Also on the back of my soft penis there appears to be a clump of veins that are slightly raised. Also I have an undescended testicle that may have turned into a hernia that I've had since I was 13 above my groin. I've also experienced some prostate pain here and there too.
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It's probably a combination of things going on.
Pubic hair function is a very important one, as it protects from bacteria and other pathogens, abrasions, injuries, so shaving is ...out!
Unless you want to be more vulnerable to herpes and staph infections, STDs and other unwanted "BLEEP", you should avoid shaving.
Overuse, abuse or anything offensive to the genitals should be avoided,
as they are some of the most sensitive parts of the extrerior of our body.

Depression and other mental issues, may definitely affect one's libido.

I think it's time to visit your doctor, to rule out anything serious.

Best wishes.
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