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Chronic weird bothersome symptoms, Docs can't figure them out.

I have had strange symptoms, with the common denominator of fatigue for the past several years.  I have been checked for ulcers, lower bowel problems, had blood tests, and even most recently an MRI of the head.  Finding always come out normal.

I am continuing to suffer and it is affecting the family.  Symptoms are fatigue, sometimes almost passing out, lately a lot of pressure behind eyes (not sinuses, had them checked too), sometimes nausea...I am not depressed. I kind of feel like I am "poisoned"...just not right.

Any ideas, anyone?  I am thinking maybe that a nerve or blood vessel is being crimped by a problem in my neck or something.
At wits end...appreciate any opinions.

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Hi.  This may or may not be what you want to hear, this sounds a little like some of the symtoms I had and my doc diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  He also told me that you have to treat the symptoms.  To rest whenever I could and needed to.  I also said that I wasn't depressed, my husband disagreed of course, but my logic was, well maybe I am, but of course who wouldn't be when they have been feeling like this and hurting for almost 6 monthes?  They also started me on Cymbalta, which is an antidepressant that also helps with chronic pain.  I feel MUCH better since starting it.  At first I thought that was what they were calling it because they didn't know what else to call it, in other words the doctors were as clueless as me.  But now I am wondering if MAYBE he was right and I was the one that was wrong.  Hope you find answers soon.  Feel better!
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Hi, I was also thinking Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS), also maybe Fibromyalgia (FMS). It's amazing how hearing that our test results are "normal" is not a good thing. Boy do I understand that!!! FMS & CFS used to be the cop-out diagnosis, but more and more doc's and sufferers are realizing how real and troublesome they are.
There are lots of treatments now too, though most are treatments of symptoms (as said already), and many benefit from these treatments, however, many do not, or the positive effects ware off eventually. BUT There is a new treatment called the Marshall Protocol (MP). It addresses MANY illnesses, including FMS & CFS/CFIDS. I've had FMS/CFS for 15 years, and other problems, and the Marshall MP is the first thing that has addressed the cause and is a curative therapy, not just a treatment of symptoms. I've been on it since August and I've seen for myself that it IS working, it's long term, I'll be on it for a couple of years, but who cares, its better then being sick for the rest of my life with people telling me I'm normal, when I know I'm not. Please check into the MP, K! Keep us posted, and in the meantime, know you guys are NOT alone!
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Gee thanks so much for responding...I feel better knowing someone seems to understand what I am going through...yes, I don't feel depressed, but I think my wife does not agree there.

Regarding CFS, I noticed that you have to have certain symptoms, like a sore throat and swollen glands...I don't have those...could I still have it?

I will also check into the MP.
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I'll jump in here too, since I also have CFIDS! The good news is that there is a lab test (not approved yet, but in the works) available to diagnose CFS now. ( Red Labs USA  - they have an internet website ). Recently CDC researchers' discovered that the DNA code in people with CFS is different in genes that are important to both the immune and sympathetic nervous systems - pointing, in particular, to three genes related to the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which affects stress response. All CFS volunteers had a high allostatic load --- basically, cumulative wear and tear on the body resulting from inadequate biological responses to the environment as well as physical & emotional stressors. I think that is a reason why people should get treated for their symptoms as they come.. just my opinion.


I rarely had the sore throat and didn't have the painful glands. Every case, they say, is different. To make a diagnosis for CFIDS, you must have 4 out of 8 symptoms:

Weakness and exhaustion, lasting more than 24 hours, following mental or physical activity
Unrefreshing sleep
Substantial impairment of short-term memory or concentration
Muscle pain
Pain in the joints, without swelling or redness
Headaches of a new type, pattern or severity
Tender armpit and/or neck lymph nodes
Sore throat

In my case, I had other abnormal labs because my adrenals dysfunctioned. I also have high ANA titers.

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I forgot to mention that I'm also on the MP, along with Hityty. My physician had two other CFIDS patients' who he prescribed the MP for and both of them are 95% better. There is a lab test your physician can order to give you an indicator of whether or not the MP would help you.
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I am looking into the MP myself since posting on here and reading everyone else's posts.  I have never heard of it before today!  (Being in the back woods of rural Mississippi, it takes us a little longer to catch up to the rest of the world!HA HA)  I'm not sure if it is for me or not.  But it does bare thinking long and hard about.  I recently got laid off from my job and just in the 2 weeks I haven't been working I have started to feel a lot better.  The stress at work, having 3 kids, and my husband being a full time firefighter who works 24 hour shifts was just about to get me down for the count.  I didn't realize the stress was as bad as it was.  I had (and still have)  swollen sore glands in my neck.  Trouble sleeping.  And when I did sleep, I didn't feel rested the next morning.  The tiredness was unbelieveable.  I would literally fall asleep sitting up helping my kids with homework, but when I went to bed I would lay there awake for hours!  Chronic Fatigue is very real and without treatment, I believe it would have ruined my life completely.  Hope you get some help soon and get to feeling better.  Keep us posted on how you feel and if this is really what is wrong with you.
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