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Circulation problem or something else?

I have been experiencing symptoms since my daughter was born in August 2013. In January 2014 I got my Mirena IUD. While I was already experiencing fatigue it really started to increase. I went 6 months feeling exhausted all the time. In October 2014 I went to ER because I was having some terrible shoulder pain (had a spinal fusion in 2007). The ER doctor gave me a shot of prednisone. The next 2 weeks were absolute hell. I was nauseous, sweating, feeling like I was going out of my mind. I've had prednisone before and was fine, but I couldn't think of what else it would be. It was the sickest I have ever been. I thought I was dying. I started having or at least really noticing that I had palpitations. I would get so cold, even when everyone else was really warm. Or I was hot and nauseous. I went back the ER. The emergency room doctor referred me to a cardiologist when he noticed that my pulse shot up from 80 to 150 when I stood up. My first apt with the cardiologist went well. He thought I probably had POTS and scheduled a tilt table test. My test came back negative, even though from what I've read, I am pretty sure it was not done correctly. The cardiologist told me everything was perfectly normal. I do not feel perfectly normal. I have crushing fatigue. Some days it is fine and others I can barely get out of bed. I have to take a break and rest after I shower or dry my hair. I have fainted a few times when standing up. I also can visibly see the blood pooling in my feet. They turn bright red and swell. I went to a primary care and they did a blood workup and told me my iron was low. Thyroid test was normal. They couldn't really explain the way my feet looked or my hands being so cold in warm room. Both the primary care doctor and the cardiologist seemed to completely dismiss my symptoms when they didn't fit into a certain box. They kept suggesting anxiety, and I guess they are right. This is giving me anxiety and is making me feel crazy. But deep down I know that there is something else. I am sick. This is not normal for me and I don't know what to do next. I also have difficulty sleeping, difficulty forming words, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision at times and abdominal swelling. Please let me know if you have any advice that might help me.
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You may be suffering from adrenal fatigue, caused by the synthetic progesterone release from your Mirena IUD.
It's a bit technical to explain, but if you need the science behind it, let me know and I'll post it.
In short, the synthetic progesterone may be causing LOWER progesterone
in  your body, leading to lower cortisol levels (progesterone is an essential precursor to cortisol.)
Also Progesterone is vital hormone for the immune system, bone strength, healthy nervous system and HEART FUNCTION.
In addition to this-->
Warnings for Mirena IUD Include:
Ectopic pregnancy (which can be life-threatening and result in infertility)
Intrauterine pregnancy (birth defects are a possibility)
Sepsis (an infection which can be fatal)
Pelvic inflammatory disease (which can result in infertility)
Irregular Bleeding and Amenorrhea (no periods)
Embedment (in the uterine wall)
Perforation (of the uterus or cervix)
Ovarian cysts (can cause severe mid-cycle pain)
Breast cancer
Risk of Mortality (risk of dying is low)

Possible Side Effects of Mirena Include:
Lower abdominal pain
Upper respiratory infection
Leukorrhea (abnormal vaginal discharge)
Vaginitis (irritation or inflammation of the vagina)
Dysmenorrhea (cramps or painful periods)
Back pain
Weight increase
Breast pain
Skin disorder
Decreased libido
Abnormal Pap smear

Perhaps the Mirena IUD is not for you, but this is something you need to discuss with your gynecologist.

Adrenal fatigue, with secondary hypothyroidism should be ruled out, however, your doctors most likely will not order the appropriate tests.
It's again too complicated to detail, but it has to do with "established"
You may want to consider a Functional Medicine Doctor, who can order
a  Functional Adrenal Stress Profile (saliva) and Free T3, Free T4
and Reverse T3 for thyroid function and take it from there.

Let me know if you need any more details, however, please note that my suggestions and comments do not constitute medical advice.

Oh BTW how's your little daughter doing?

Best wishes.

PS. Your tissue magnesium levels (not serum levels!) could be low.
I'd suggest a trial transdermal magnesium oil therapy for a few weeks,
to see if you experience notable improvement. Just look it up.

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Have you had a pregnancy test?  Sometimes the IUD's don't work.
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