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Coughing up blood

15yo Male presents with bloody sputum, acid reflux and chest pain. No other known Sx. Possible diagnoses?
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Acid reflux itself can cause bleeding due to an ulcer and due to acid damaging the esophagus or due to a duodenal or gastric ulcer.
Smoking, alcohol use, gastritis, acidity, tumors of stomach and food pipe, bleeding gastric ulcer, cancer of stomach, erosion of lining of food pipe, bleeding veins at esophageal (food pipe) sphincters etc all cause vomiting of blood. This can be fresh red if coming from a place above the stomach. It can be brown or coffee colored if coming from the stomach.  Tumors of the oral cavity, pyorrhea or pus in gums and Vitamin C deficiency can cause bleeding from mouth, which if ingested can result in vomiting.
The other possibility is that you are coughing up blood. This can be due to bronchitis or pneumonia, lung cancers (especially in smokers), tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary embolism, or fungal and other infections.
Discuss these possibilities with your doctor.  A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. Take care!
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Thank you, so much, for your response. The boy, about whom I wrote, is my Niece' boyfriend. Unfortunately, no one has been able to convince his Mother to take him to the Doctor. We would love to take him to the E.R., but I've heard that they won't see him, without a parent's permission. I suggested, that he see the school Nurse, but they're out on Holiday break, right now, and won't be returning, for a couple of weeks. The sad thing is, he's been coughing up blood, for two weeks, already (he didn't want to alarm anyone, so he waited, for two weeks, before saying anything).
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Just take him to the ER, and let them sort things out.

While what you say is technically true, when the triage nurse performs the evaluation she will contact a parent and inform them on no uncertain terms their presence is required.
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Thank you, so much! I had no idea, that was the case. We are thrilled, to finally be able to help him. Now, we just have to think of an excuse, to get him over here. :-)

Thanks again. Have a great day. :-)
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