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Dealing with symptoms I'm not sure are resolvable...

Hello everyone.

So I did post a while back because I dealt with strange health issues. To save time and money, and to look for restorative solutions, I did see an osteopathic physician. However, I'm only getting answers for some of my symptoms...

So it turns out that using a comfrey poultice on my abdomen for a muscular strain in 2018 messed with my right abdomen and abdominal development structurally and internally. I'm mad at myself because I was developing strength to do physically demanding jobs...Now things like my hearing are at stake...

Now fluid is getting into my abdomen, there may be a rectovaginal fistula, there is constant gurgling in my abdomen (tentatively diagnosed as IBS), I don't know how bad my atherosclerosis is (got scanned at a hospital in February, but it looks like not much can be done unless it's bad), leaky gut is possible because it feels like digestive fluids are going into my nerves and bloodstream, fluid is going up to my ears, there is jaw stiffness when fluid or noise comes, there is stiffness, I feel inflammation when I listen to even wind or noise from the computer fan.

Since April I've been having trouble hearing stuff with background noise (even wind).

I need help not just for diagnosis, but I need medical solutions that actually help. Medication feels like a weak mitigation (in terms of relief, not side effects), and surgery would not only wipe out my savings, but could have all kinds of complications...

I'm really losing hope, not just in getting an answer, but in being whole again...I just want to be well so that I can pursue careers that require good health...

Thank you.
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Are you sure a comfrey poultice did this?  Not sure that's really possible.  It does have some potential bad side effects and is banned by the FDA, but it has also been used for centuries by those who know how to properly use it, which doesn't include most of us just plain folks.  But I'm not sure it alters the structure of your abdomen.  But whatever, an osteopath isn't going to be your solution.  You are listing a lot of symptoms.  Comfrey's worst side effects are liver damage and cancer, but you have to use it fairly regularly to have that happen or use a lot and usually use it internally a lot to do that.  What you need is, unfortunately, a diagnosis by the appropriate type of physician, which is probably going to have to be a specialist.  Sometimes when you present a very complicated set of symptoms you need a complicated doctor, such as you find at the Mayo Clinic.  Which is really really expensive if you don't have really good health insurance, and it sounds like you might not have any at all, though you don't say why not.  Don't think anyone is going to be able to help you other than a really good medical professional, and an osteopath or other general practitioner probably isn't that person.  Hope you find help.
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Unfortunately, I think it did. It's really that potent. Comfrey is legal for external use, but illegal for internal use. But I have to give myself time to seek out experts who can manage structural and internal problems. At this point, the main issues are a rectovaginal fistula, malabsorption, and fluid buildup underneath my tissues. At least the treatment plan from the osteopathic physician did help with malabsorption issues (the GI test results indicated H. Pylori infection and low pancreatic exocrine function, no leaky gut) because the blood test results from my general doctor were ok, and I was able to lift 10 more pounds overhead.

Ok, at least I don't have atherosclerosis, but I do have avascular necrosis of femoral heads (mixed up the two in my hospital records), which is not an immediate priority, but I will have to address it at some point.

I have a high-deductible health insurance plan, and given the way medicine is, I have to be careful about the decisions I make to minimize harm (side effects and complications) to my body and focus on restoration.  I got weirded out by my symptoms for several months, but I am clearer-headed about my symptoms, and have to seek out an interdisciplinary team so that I can fix my health problems and still pursue a physically active life, which is critical for someone with a temperament like mine (I thrive in high-octane work environments psychologically...).
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