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Extreme fatigue, all tests normal

I'm 30/f.  I have been experiencing fatigue for the last 6 months and it is getting a lot worse.  I wake up tired and get more tired throughout the day.  By 2pm or so, I'm so exhausted I can't think straight.  It is now impacting my job and everyday activities.

I get 8-10 hours of sleep every night.  I don't yawn excessively or have any muscle fatigue, I just want to close my eyes and go to sleep. This started 6 months into a new diet for weight loss (healthy, balanced, 1300-1500 calories).  I was losing weight consistently for the 6 months prior but the weight loss stopped once the fatigue started.  I did go off of the diet recently and started eating more just to rule it out as the culprit.

I have had a lot of bloodwork.  Thyroid, vitamin D, B12, magnesium, CBC, and more.  I was tested for sleep apnea and it was negative. I'm not depressed. According to everything I am perfectly healthy.  It may be worth noting that I have been on a high dose of vitamin D for a long time because I am chronically low and live in a cold/dreary climate.  But my numbers were great in my latest bloodwork.

I have had a lot of negative experience in the past with doctors  not putting in enough effort once they rule out the obvious problems, so I am looking for things I can ask about at my next appointment.  Any help or insight into similar experiences is greatly appreciated.
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Have they checked your oxygenation rate? Buy a cheap finger monitor to use at home (also useful when sick with a virus.)

Work places are notoriously bad about air supply for the employees. Reminds me of sick house syndrome.

Low level oxygen supply could explain your symptoms-I worked in an office where the supply of fresh air was so limited we would all be dragging/yawning-air conditioning in the summer would perk us up to no end-if an employer wants energetic employees they should monitor the air.

Low levels of carbon monoxide could also explain this.  

Blood sugar levels also could be the culprit. I am diabetic and a couple hours after too many carbs I will feel this way-head on the desk need to sleep. The best quick fix for me is sugar free gum-something about those sugar alchohols perks me right up again.
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"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."
---Mark Twain--

Potential issues with accuracy of the information/results/treatments you were given.

High dose of vitamin D may be causing more issues than it can fix!!!
Are Taking Vitamin K2 along with D3?
Do you have enough tissue Magnesium to help process vitamin D (standard blood tests are MISLEADING).
You need an RBC test for minerals to get accurate tissue Mg status.
Mg is involved in hundreds of processes.
Are you taking Vitamin D3 with foods which contain healthy fats?
Vitamin D is fat soluble.
Are you processing fats properly?
Are your cortisol levels within normal range?
If you answered negative to any of these questions, you could have a serious issue
with calcium metabolism and a lot more more!
It's possible your soft tissues are getting calcification.

Look deeper into your B12 status.
What your results show are  for cobalamin B12, which  is not an active form of B12!
You could have a "functional" B12  deficiency, so you need to know your B12 Methylocobalamin levels by getting an MMA and Homocystein test.
This will also give you an accurate status of your bioactive folate.
If either of these  are low, your methylation is low.
Methylation is involved in most biochemical functions of the body.
I bet that none of your doctors ever mentioned this to you.

Thyroid testing is another controversial topic.
Usually only  TSH is tested for and occasionally T4 and/or T3 are tested along with TSH.
The above tests are flawed, as they only indicate serum levels of the aforementioned
thyroid hormones.
Everyone knows that what really matters in thyroid function is the active hormone which works in the tissues!
Ask and INSIST for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 (all 3), even if these tests may not be covered by your health plan.

So please do not ask for new things, before the above FUNDAMENTAL imbalances are all ruled out!

Please let me know how it goes, but I must mention that my comments are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes,
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Thank you for the info.  I will check everything you said against my test results and follow up with my doctor.
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Chronic fatigue syndrome possibly comes to mind.
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Let's hope my Dr makes no mention of that, because then I'm done for!  An incurable, unprovable disease diagnosis is a guarantee that I won't get anywhere with doctors.
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