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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Are there experiences on here with this disorder?  As you may be able to tell, I have been battling a multitude of physical symptoms over the past few years which have left me very sick.  I have posted questions on a few of them.  Most of the symptoms either feel to be digestive or neurological.  

I do admit I have been an anxious person, and have had a few doctors tell me it is all from stress and anxiety.  I have also been diagnosed with visceral hypersensitivty, tension headaches, etc. on the physical side.  Although it may be true, I am having a tough tough time believing that all these chronic physical symptoms are as a result of anxiety alone.  If I am treated for anxiety, I am wondering if they will improve or if the physical symptoms will linger and if so for how long?  

Would love to here some experiences on this from the forum.

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Hi there..Im sorry to hear about how your feeling. I too have Anxiety. It is more on the GAD side, I didnt know what It was. All I knew is that something was causing all of these physical symptoms I was feeling. I went to 6 Different DR's thinking that someone will find something. I had a majority of tests done Blood work, EKG's, Ultrasounds, Echocardigram...Everything was normal. Finally I found a DR that would treat me for the anxiety..She prescribed me Zoloft which didnt work really well...So now IM on Paxil and it seems to be working. First bit of advice would be to go to the DR's to get all the necessary tests done to rule anything out. Then I would talk to them about an anti-depressant. It can also help with your physical symptoms as well. Good luck and keep me posted!!!!! =)
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Glad to hear Paxil has worked for you.  I have actually had tons of tests over the past three years, bloodwork many times, many digestive system tests, even a fundoplication surgery.  Went to the Mayo Clinic for an evaluation because I have been so sick.  Only functional problems have been diagnosed.

I have tried a few antidepressants, Paxil, Luvox, Olanzapine, none of them helped my physical symptoms.  A doctor tells me they haven't worked as they aren't the right ones for me.

What kind of physical symptoms were you having?  How long?

I have had mostly nausea and visceral burning, but also nerve pain, and sore neck, etc. as well.
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Some of my symtoms were
Body aches & pains (muscle & bone)
weird ear pain/sounds
painful/stiff neck
feeling weak
chest pain/palpatations
I had these pains for a couple years buy they worstened within the last 6 months

Hope this makes you feel better. Medicine isnt for everyone so maybe you should try things like daily meditations, excersize, yoga, or maybe even acupuncture. Your not alone and if the tests say negative, then maybe you are ok. You can go to a specialist also. Take care.
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im in the same boat as you guys. ive been feeling ill for over 4 months. ive been to the emergency room, have abdominal and pelvic cat scan, chest x-rays, b lood work, urine work and they found nothing, later i saw 2 more doctors, ive had a brain cat scan, thyroid ultrasound, colonoscopy and 2 more extensive blood tests. all came back normal, both doctors told me its anxiety and put me on lexapro, ive been on it for 7 weeks now and feel a tiny bit better but my physical symptoms are still there.

upper back pain
sore neck
no enery
just feel generally weak and sick

all this is chronic, everyday. i though i was dying, being only 28 years old, i though i had cancver or something, maybe i do and they just could find it but i had so many tests my dostor told me to go see a shrink which pissed me off because im not trying to make up stories, i dont feel good and wanted a explanation, i still feel that anxiety can not cause suchg symptoms but what do i know.
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You mentioned "shrink".  This is a total waste of time.  I've been suffering from severe panic attacks for 30 yrs.  All tests came back normal.  Meditations, deep breathing exercises, relaxing methods, therapy, meds, group therapy NOTHING helped.  I "begged" to see a shrink.  This shrink sat at his computer with his finger on the keyboard ready to shoot out a prescription for Xanx barely listening to me.  I was in and out in 3 minutes max.  FORGET the shrinks, lots of them need shrinks themselves.  Tranquelizers did not help me but made feel all worn out but the anxiety still came.  By accident I came across an advertisement about a book by "Dr. Claire Weeks", a Psychologist from Australia who dealt (she died in the meantime but her books are still selling)strictly with people like me and others suffering from panic attacks.  I read the book and ordered two more of her books, and she took ALMOST ALL THE FEAR out of me.  I have my anxiety attacks 99% under control.  There is still that 1% but nothing compared to as it was before.  

Here were/are my symptoms:

Severe anxiety which caused my blood pressure to rise
skipping heart every other beat
shortness of breath
feeling of impending death right here and now
racing heart
chills but not like when you have a fever
tingling in one of my cheeks
neck pain
pain between shoulder blades
lower back pain and severe stiffness
body aches
stomach pain
whole body aches like you have been run over by a truck
waking up at night with severe anxiety
tingling in the extremeties
frequent urination
a lump in my throat
sore scalp, or a burning sensation in the scalp

Sometimes I only got a few out of the above symptoms I have listed, and sometimes I had all of them combined. It was a nightmare to the point that I was afraid of leaving my house or drive my car.
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Often the physical symptoms are a heightened awareness of normal things.  Like palpitations, everyone gets them from time to time but if you are anxious, not only do you get them more, you think they mean something really bad.  Sinuses, allergies, infections etc. can be the "cause" but the worry escalates them more.
I have had night sweats, sore upper back, lump in throat, a feeling of falling backwards (dizziness), nausea (esp in morning and before meals), an electric buzzing feeling, loss of appetite, gagging on food, weight loss (funnily enough).  
I found paxil worked well.  It didn't remove all symptoms but I cared about them less and some went away after a while and some I realised were normal but harmless.

Good luck.
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hi i'll try to make it short-
well ive had anxiety disorder since this january. and i havent taken any medications (yet!)
i do get very dizzy or feel like im running out of breath whenever i get nervous, scared.etc
and Yes, is ometimes do feel like its not the stress or anxiety, but some brain issues,
anyhow, im trying to overcome these problems by myself, without taking medications.
i strongly believe that u should take some time and try to relax...or if it really really doesnt work, id advice u to take oriental herbal medi.s.
hope this helps :)
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my phy.sypmotoms are:
Dizziness (motion sickness)
headache(not too often)
short of breath
lump in the throat.
and i sometimes feel the b lood rushing thro my head. whenever i get hot (nervous)
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I have been Sick Since August 14th. Everyday all day! Started with feeling of something caught in throat, then 2 days later my right arm went weak. Since then I am short of breath everyday and feels like its getting worse. Weakness in arms thats gets worse as day goes on. Body Jerks, popping feeling under skin. Nech aches, headaches, etc.... I have had soooo many tests done. Emg,ekg,echo, blood, mri's catscans, chiropractor, all show nothing they are telling me its anxiety. All day every day! I have been on ativan and busiprone for 5 weeks and no Different. I know how frustrating this is.
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I have taken Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Wellbutrin, and am currently on Cymbalta.  I was taking Celexa (all the others were in recent years) and stayed on it for a couple of monthes and it just wasn't working so my doc switched me to Cymbalta.  It really helps a lot.  It also has meds in it to help with chronic pain.  They have finally realized that the aches and pains that come hand-in-hand with depression are not all in our heads and are actually real.  They have finally decided to treat them to, not just the depression.   I am very pleased with the Cymbalta although it is like any other med, it may not be for everyone.
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Wow ... reading all of this is really interesting. The ultimate quest to find out if what we are feeling is mental or physical. I am in the same boat. I am having imbalance problems while walking, some tingling sensations around the body, some eye pressure
and more. I've had blood work done, I've seen a cardiologist and an ENT, next is a neurologist on 11/13/06. Some web sites list almost all of the symptoms that are listed on this post, and I guess these symptoms can become a 24/7 problem from what they say ... but like the one person said on this post, "it's hard to believe it's all mental.
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Don't ever feel embarrassed about your anxiety symptoms.  I know not even some doctors understand them.  Some people have physical illnesses and we have anxiety disorders.  Even though most of us are physically fine the hell we go through when it comes to anxiety/phobia the "what if's" etc etc etc I wouldn't wish on my biggest enemy.  We too suffer.
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