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Has anyone experienced this...

Hi all,

I have the following symptoms:

-Feeling of something under my left lower rib cage (like a baby's foot when pregnant) like rib needs to be adjusted
-Sharp pains in the left lower ribs but sometimes in the right ones too
-Stitch like pain in left rib area/flank (like when you've been running)
-Tight feeling in mid back near ribs (like a muscle contracting slighty)
-Chest feels achey and a bit sensitive
-Upper back aches sometimes
-Both shoulders ache intermittently and this goes down my upper arms
-Have bowel movements that go from loose to more solid, sometimes no BM for days then several in a day
-Sometimes have trouble passing gas, even though I feel full of it, this is not everyday


-2 Perianal abscesses in 1998 & 2007 respectively
-Had a molar extracted which was done badly (2 months ago) and had several infections and 6 courses of antibiotics before it cleared
-Pulled a muscle in my flank torso area around 5 weeks ago which seemed to heal within 5 days but have been left with the rib feeling since
-Finished citalopram (celexa) SSRI around 4-6 months ago after 6 years.  Tapered very slowly.

Tests so far

-Abdominal xray - Clear
-Abdomincal ultrasound - Clear
-Chest Xray - Clear
-Colonoscopy - Clear but doctor noted that my colon was spasming a lot near the splenic flexure area
-Normal bloods - Clear but am due to have more extensive test Monday for things like Celiacs etc

Any experiences or information would be greatly appreciated as I am getting very frustrated with this constant feeling/pain.

Nothing seems related to food or anything else specific.

Some days are better than others.

Due to have my small intestine mri soon as doctor thinks maybe Chron's with history of abscesses but I am not sure after reading other people's symptoms.

Thank you :)
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