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High ammonia levels

My wife is 45 years old.  At the age of 36 she had to have a complete gastrectomy(entire stomach removed) due to massive polyps.  One year ago she started developing high ammonia levels, range from upper 60's to 110.  Massive headaches seem to accompany the elevated levels.  She has had liver function tests and biopsies for years now and have determined the problem isn't her liver.  They prescribed lactulose and Xifaximim(antibiotic given to liver disease patients, might have the spelling wrong).  She is being monitored by  blood test weekly and the results are all over the place.  Last week it was at 68 and she started with a headache that has gotten a lot worse since.  I suspect when she goes for her test tomorrow it will be even more elevated.  Her doctor's sent us to a genetics doctor for testing and so far after a battery of testing hasn't determined a root cause.  The doctor's have no clue why this is happening.  I am starting to notice short term memory loss that is becoming worse with each week that passes.  Is there something the doctor's are missing?  Need help desperately!!!
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I am sorry to hear that your wife is having such problems.  Has she been diagnosed with Hep C?

This is the Hep C Forum.  While we talk about high ammonia levels, it is in conjunction with Hep C and the liver problems from there.  yOu might want to make sure the Dr did a Hep C Antibody these to make sure she doesn't have it then go to the list of Communities ( touch Communities at the top of the thread) and find the health and wellness site for more assistance.

Good luck and Blessings to you both.

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Contradictory to say the least!

She's being treated for Hepatic encephalopathy (according to the Lactulose
and Rifaximin  therapy), yet its diagnosis requires the presence of impaired liver function !!!
You mentioned that " She has had liver function tests and biopsies for years now and have determined the problem isn't her liver."

My opinion is that she has some genetic mutation (s) associated with
ammonia detoxification like  CBS, NOS, and BHMT- snips as they're called.

There are protocols to correct many of these defects.
I'm familiar with Methylation, which has to do also with  detoxification processes.

Please question the "off label" use of the aforementioned drugs, in non-
Hepatic Encephalopathy ammonia toxicity.
The ongoing use of ABX, may be contributing to intestinal permeability, thus possibly exasperating her issues.

Keep us posted and if you need any details, please let us know.

Best wishes to you and your wife.

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