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I don't know why I was acting this way, I wasn't on drugs.

To start off, I am a 15 year old girl and I honestly have never done drugs. I just wanted to be up front about that before I mentioned my weird problem.
I really have no clue why, but during class, I was so, so tired and for some ungodly reason I just started laughing. For no reason. Then I would laugh at things that weren't funny by any standard. I wasn't laughing out loud, just giggling. It was as if someone was tickling me (I tend to giggle in a cheesy way when people tickle me) and it was just weird. I still feel all giggly (but I'm not actually giggling, I just feel like it) and I don't know why. Another thing is that this hardly ever happens to me. Only very occasionally this happens. One of my friends asked me if I was high or on something and I told them I wasn't. And truly, I wasn't. Like I stated before, I've never done drugs, ever. I suppose I sounded drunk. I kept falling asleep and when I closed my eyes, I would giggle at people's conversations and they were talking casually, talking about their life, what happened during lunch, nothing funny at all. My main question is: was I acting this way because I was so tired? That would be a dumb reason but I tend to act that way when I'm really sleepy sometimes...
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I really hate to disagree with doctornee, because she provides really good advice, and really knows more about medicine than I do, but this once....I hope she forgives me.

Pseudobulbar effect?


No, having an ocasional bout of the giggles at the age of fifteen is no reason to see a neurologist.

Enjoy the giggles. It attracts the boys.
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I used to be like that too..when I'd get overly tired.  Like if I stayed up past midnight..it was on.  What fun. I would have company over..and I would have them rolling and laughing about the same dumb crap I was laughing about. :O)  (I did get the giggles at school too..rarely though..but not the sleeping thing that you mention)  Then even a little older when I got married,  I can remember it used to drive my husband crazy..I would lie in bed..he would be TRYING to go to sleep..and I would have some random thought of something that may or may not be funny and I'd get the giggles..and I would cry I'd laugh so hard.  I would try my best to control it..b/c I knew he was going to sleep..but the bed would shake b/c of me giggling. He would.say.."oh, my god..what is it that is so funny this time?   sometimes he'd start laughing too after I'd tell him...or he'd say..you're just gonna have to sleep on the couch if you're gonna giggle all night.."..hehe   I have calmed down alot..rarely happens to me now.  I am just a silly person..always have been..and find alot of things funny other ppl don't..I wouldn't stress over it. :O)  

One more thing..lay off the caffeine..think that might have been one thing that fueled it with me..?  Just a thought.:O)
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I tend to giggle & get in a realy workie mood & wind people up when im tired so just normal i suppose!
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Na your just being you...a young girl full of life..and maybe a little sleepy...i laugh at dumb stuff too...but it keeps me looking young...I dont care what people think when Im silly...they think i have a bubblie personality...and you better not do no drugs...you will lose all your looks and then your laugh.. smile, laugh, giggle dont frown it keeps you down thats my motto...you still young thats so so normal...
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
What you have is probably pseudobulbar affect or pathological laughter. It is seen in traumatic brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Wilson’s disease, early Parkinson’s disease etc.
Please get this assessed by a neurologist. Take care!
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