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I had a TVT operation and am now experiencing constant infections, pain in my pelvic area, bleeding between periods, clear discharge all the time, feeling nauseous around 10am every day and the list goes on... Can anyone shed some light?

Nearly 2 years ago I had a TVT op. A TVT is a Tension-free Vaginal Tape that is used to correct urinary stress incontinence. After a difficult birth with my son I was left suffering with incontinence and was advised, after testing, that the TVT was the best way to go. My recovery took about a week and then I was able to get on with everyday life... I could laugh and cough without peeing, it was great =). It never really cured my urgency to go but I have been able, over time, to control it... mind over matter and training myself to go longer between bathroom breaks.
I have never, up till now, been a sickly person. I have had the usual colds, stomach upsets, etc but never any major illnesses. My husband and myself, along with our son, moved out to the Middle East for work just over a year ago. About 10 months ago I started bleeding in between periods... not just spotting, it was like I was having 2 periods a month. It stopped about 3 months ago. I probably should have had it checked out but thought it was just my body still in disaray from the birth... my periods have been especially heavy and uncomfortable, with a lot of clotting ever since. Plus, out here, as advanced as they are, I just don't trust the doctors so I kept putting off going to see one. About 2 and a half months ago I started getting what I thought were urine infections. I would drink plenty of water and cranberry juice and within a couple of days it would pass. This happened about 6 times. The last time was so painful I finally gave in a went to see a doctor. I was convinced it had something to do with my TVT so I printed off information about the TVT and took it with me as not every doctor knows what TVT's are and I wanted to be prepared. Luckily the doctor I saw knew exactly what I was talking about and had actually done some TVT training in the UK. I seriously thought I was on to a winner and instantly started to feel relaxed and assured myself I was in safe hands. She took a vaginal swab and a urine sample and set me an appointment for an ultrasound. Thinking that the burning sensation was a simple urine infection I expected the urinalysis to come back positive... it didn't! No infection showed up but the report said that there was blood and crystals in my urine. I told her I had read that some patients were having difficulties a couple of years after having the TVT, that apparently the mesh they use for the procedure can have a tendency to erode and that I thought this could be the case for me. She agreed that it could be and that it would be checked out when I went for the ultrasound. I went for the ultrasound, the radiologist checked my pelvis and kidneys (due to the crystals in my urine), but she never checked my bladder. When I went for my results from the doctor she told me they had found a solid mass, thought to be a cyst, on my right ovary and that this was the problem. When I told her that the radiologist hadn't checked my bladder for evidence of the mesh eroding she said that was my fault because I hadn't told the radiologist to do so. OK, maybe I should have spoken up but shouldn't it have been communicated between doctor and radiologist?!! Anyway, she also said that there was, and I quote "sand' in my kidneys but the solid mass was what she was worried about. I was told to go back for another ultrasound the day after my next period had finished. This time the doctor had made it clear on my notes that the TVT was to be checked. The radiologist did a scan of my pelvic area and told me that the cyst had reduced considerably and that it was nothing to worry about. She then told me, and again I quote her so you get the real feel for the healthcare here " You're endometrium is very sick." I asked her what my endometrium was, was it my uterus, something to do with my ovaries....what??!! She said, 'No, it is your endometrium!' Thanks, I'm much the wiser for that explanation! She said that the walls should be 1-2mm thick and that mine were 8mm thick. She told me I needed to come again after my next period to see if it was the same. When I told her she needed to check my TVT she said no need, she had found the problem, it was my endometrium. I argued with her that I needed it checking as we needed to know whether the mesh had begun to erode and that I was getting a lot of infections, probably due to this. She simply said, I see no infection, no need to check more. Needless to say I left her room, went straight to the bathroom and cried. I was so frustrated. Each time being told it's something else and them not checking the one area I'm convinced is causing the problem. When I got home I googled endometrium and learned that it is the lining of the uterus and that it is usually 6-7mm thick... why then is she telling me it should be 1-2mm?  I'm going on and on but I feel i need to give this background followed by the symptoms I'm experiencing now in hope that someone knows what I'm talking about and be able to shed some light on what's happening to me because I fear I'm going to keep getting the wrong diagnosis and already it's leading to me feeling frustrated and anxious, which I'm sure is having a knock on effect on my physical health. My husband has talked about sending me back to the UK to get checked out but I'm reluctant to go in case what I'm experiencing is nothing big and just needs correct diagnosis followed by a simple treatment.
So here's my symptoms... the list is long...
Infection... on and off (severe burning sensation which is constant whilst suffering the infection), pain and discomfort in my lower pelvic area, bleeding in between periods (stopped now), very heavy bleeding with clotting during period, vaginal discharge which is constant (mainly clear sometimes a pale green colour and sometimes with an odour, sometimes not), nausea every morning, around the same time (this sometimes comes just with an all over feeling of weakness and sometimes with a cold sweat and shaking) weight loss... 2 kilos in 2 weeks and yet I have been craving and eating biscuits, crisps, pasta, bread, chocolate... everything that normally piles on the weight for me. I didn't lose as much as quickly when I was actually dieting! I'm normally prone to weight gain. Generally I feel like I'm always lacking energy (I'm 38 in January and have always been active, especially chasing after a 2 and a half year old all day) I never feel like any amount of sleep is enough. My hands shake constantly and I'm feeling a lot of anxiety due to not knowing what is going on with my body and not being able to get any real answers. To top it all off, I have little to no sexual desire and when my husband is lucky enough to be intimate with me I find it extremely uncomfortable... I don't feel pain, just discomfort. I am due to go back to the doctor to get the results of the last ultrasound. If anyone can relate to these symptoms or can help shed some light on what is going on with my body I would love some answers...  Thanks in advance =)
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