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I'm so confused!

I was diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) back in 2005 when I was around 14 or 15 years old, I am now 23 years old. I was also diagnosed with Bile Reflux, Esophagitis, IBS, and a hiatal hernia. I've had ultrasounds, xrays, upper GI endoscopies, and CAT SCANS as well. Due to the horrific experiences with my health problems at a very young age, I developed depression and anxiety to the point I wouldn't leave my house for a year. I overcame that around 2007-08 and I haven't experienced any severe anxiety or depression ever since, I think I got it under control. I went to the ER a few months ago because I was experiencing really bad chest pains and shortness of breath, I know stomach problems can also cause chest pain, including esophagitis. I was diagnosed with Costochondritis. In April just a few months ago I got an XRAY done and I believe its called an EKCG for my chest, they said it look great nothing wrong. A few days ago like August 7th, I had a really bad panic attack and ever since then I've been feelnig indigestion problems again, and I've been feeling nauseaous, pain around my breatbone on both sides, near my ribs. Pain located under my armpits and shoulder. I get numbness on both arms, but I also feel numbness on my legs. This could be a result of the anxiety. But its so weird, my left arm has been feeling numbness for almost week now, and the numbness and pain is only located in two places of my arm, its located near the armpit and biceps, and i get shooting pain in my middle finger. When I move my wrist the pain increases. When I put weight on my arm to lets say pick myself up from the floor, my pain increases alot in my bicep and shoulder. I'm scared I might be having a heart attack or something but I already got an xray and other tests a few months ago in April and back in January when I was diagnosed with Costochondritis. I do have a lot of other health problems like Esopahgitis and GERD which can cause pain under the breastbones. What I feel the most pain and numbness is in my bicep and it spreads to my shoulder. Its like 90% of the time on my left side but it sometimes radiates to my right arm and my legs. If I had insurance I'd run to the doctor but I cant afford it, and what keeps me from going is the fact I have other pre-existing conditions which can cause it but I never experienced numbness and pain for so long. I'm not overweight, and I eat pretty healthy, I drink water 99% of the time with every meal. I eat pretty healthy too. I guess what I am asking is, has this happened to anyone? Could this be a heart attack? or does a heart attack feel different?
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Wow, some major issues. I'm replying to this because years ago I had VERY similar issues which no one could figure out. Needless to say everything cleared up on its own. Have you been drinking/eating any special teas/herbs? That was my problem. Stick with water and V8 vegetable juice for a while. Nothing else. get plenty of rest, eat well, and take anti inflammatory meds. Good luck.  
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shew my 9 year old daughter is going through the same thing.... :( Panic and depression are flipping horrible emotions to encounter... My kid has just started seeing a Physcologist and we also going to try homeopathic medicine as I don't want her to go on anti-depressants...at this young age...Think it's absurd.

With regards to heart attacks....I know that panic attacks feel like you having one ...shortness of breath, nausea, palpitations etc.... but there are some differences...like if you feel pain in the arm, jaw, etc....

Shame take it easy - its never easy ...  I have a long road ahead..as well...Just want my kid to be okay and happy!
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Thanks for the reply, I just drink water with everything I eat and when I'm thirsty. Sometimes I drink fruit juice but thats rare for me. I dont drink tea's because I'll flare up. I'm trying my best to just relax and not worry so much about it. I was feeling pretty good for a few months so I guess I forgot how painful it can be =/  I'm glad you're doing much better Doug! :)
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I'm sorry that your daughter is sick, she is so young at 9 years old. I, myself started with my health problems at around 11 but it was nothing severe, not until I went to high school and it got out of control but doctors always said I was fine until I got really sick and diagnose with stomach problems. I went to a psychologist because I was so afraid to leave my house thinking that I would die or trigger myself to get stressed which leads to getting sick and then dying. I was really scared but I did spend a lot of time in the hospital because my stomach wouldn't settle. I couldn't eat anything and I just went into a depression and anxiety. I took a pill for anxiety that was prescribed by my doctor and after that one time, for me at least, I swore never to take another one. I felt worst with the pill, I would tell my mom to hold me because I felt like I was losing my mind and I was going to kill myself or something. So I learned to just cope with my anxiety and try to overcome it myself and it took a long time but I was able to and I started leaving my house again.

Yeah I have this throbbing pain between my elbow and armpit but on both arms, and then my fingers start to ache as well like arthritis. The pain radiates to my thighs and feet too and they start aching too. I hope its just carpel tunnel syndrome or a pinched nerve, or possibly just my costochondritis which causes pain.

The best thing you can do for your daughter is be there for her. My mom was not there for me and I was only around 14-15 years old. She was the tough love kind of mom, she did her best not to be with me at the hospital and she tried her best to tell me that it was all in my head until the tests results prove her wrong but even then she was in denial and when I felt scared or sick and I wanted her to be with me, she wouldn't. She would leave me at home alone and I was only a teenager going through a lot, I didnt eat a solid meal for 3 months which made me really depressed. Just be there for her, if shes scared hug her and tell her she's going to be alright because you wont let anything happen to her. I'm sure you do that already but continue it, I dont think it helped me that my mom didn't show compassion or a care in the world, I know she cared but she handled it wrong in this situation and it made me feel even more depressed and alone.

What helped me get through a lot of it, including right now since I'm home alone, a little scared to be honest because I feel these symptoms still. I watch cartoons like Disney Pixar's Cars or The Incredibles, they make me feel good and they help me relax for a while, something about those cartoons make me feel like a kid again, i guess some sort of euphoria when I was happy, just a kid, with no care in the world, I also like to draw. Maybe she would like to draw and/or color whenever she feels anxious or depressed. I know everyone handles things differently but I hope my advice can help her as it has helped me. I hope your daughter gets better soon so that she can enjoy her childhood and have a healthy life. Just be strong for her and help her as much as you can and I am sure she will remember it and thank you for it when she grows up. :)
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Aw thanks for your awesome response bud....

Will keep you posted

She started on homeopathic meds this morning and I'm praying in 2 weeks or so - she will be a different child :D

Thanks for sharing your story x
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Yea and I'm by Tyler's side 24/7 except when I'm at work etc x
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