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Is this be Dystonia? Not sure where to post this, so sorry if you've seen it before

I often find myself involuntarily tensing and contorting my muscles into painful positions—like arching my back very deeply or sharply pointing my foot/toes.  This occurs randomly, and many times every day.  It can happen in one to three areas of my body at a time, in varying combinations—it can occur in my jaws (clenching my teeth), tongue, back, hands, arms, buttocks, legs and feet.  I don't realize I'm doing it until it really starts to hurt!  Once I'm aware that I'm tensing, I can make the muscles relax, but most of the time, it just happens again after 10-30 seconds, or if not that soon, a few minutes later (either the same part of my body, or a different one).  This leaves my muscles (and sometimes the joints involved) very fatigued, sore, and sometimes feeling as if I have just recovered from a Charley-horse-type of cramp.  The only explanation I can think of is that it is stress/anxiety related, but it even happens when I’m having a little–to-no anxiety at all, so I’m not convinced that this has psychiatric or emotional cause.  Also, I've tried treating this problem as if it were caused by stress (relaxation/stretching/anti-anxiety meds), with no success.  Sometimes the resulting pain, from over-extension of the muscles/tissues, can be partially relieved by NSAIDs, but I would like to stop the actual problem, not just treat the resulting pain.  Anybody know what this might be?  Thanks.
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I feel silly...I wanted the subject of the post to say "Is this Dystonia?...
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If you take daily medications, check the side effects of each one because dystonia can be caused by certain medications.
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Yes, I am aware that medications can cause such symptoms.  I am taking several meds, but my PCP did not fee that any of  
them are the cause.  I will be seeing a neurologist soon,  and will be discussing the symptoms with her.  Thanks for your reply.
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I meant to type: ...PCP did not *feel* that...  :P
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