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My recent lab workup shows:  BUN -- <5 (less than 5, low) and ANION GAP -- 0.2 (extremely low) and MPV is 11 (high).  All the other levels as well as thyroid, hydration and others are within normal range, although some are borderline!

I have severe lower back pain (diagnosed with x-ray as degenerative joint and osteoarthritis), pain at the tips of my ribs, headaches, very fatigued, insomnia (now on Ambien and still tired!!), having trouble with constipation and nausea and I have lost 15+ pounds in about 2-3 months.

Any ideas at all or where I should go from here.  My doctor has not called or anything so I am not sure what he will say and I am worried, my follow up is not for 3 weeks.

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From Dr Kaslow's website..

The MCV is increased in:

Hereditary anemia(s).
Megaloblastic Anemias (pernicious, folic acid deficiency, B12 deficiency)
Reticulocytosis (acute blood loss response; reticulocytes are immature cells with a relatively large size compared to a mature red blood cell)
Artifact (aplasia, myelofibrosis, hyperglycemia, cold agglutinins)
Liver disease
Drugs (anti-convulsants)
Zidovidune treatment (AIDS)"

Reduced Anion Gap:

Alkalosis for any reason
Hyperchloremic acidosis (excess chloride)
Multiple Myeloma
Hyponatremia (low blood sodium level; see appropriate lab finding webpage)
Hypoalbuminemia  (see albumin; can increase the amount of free blood calcium)
Bromide Ingestion (displaces chloride)
Uncalculated blood cations (calcium, magnesium)
Lithium toxicity (can be due to effects on sodium)
Primary hypothyroidism
Kidney disease (due to the loss of the cations sodium and or potassium)
Polymyxin B

Causes of Decreased BUN:

Syndrome of Inappropriate ADH secretion (SIADH)
Liver/biliary dysfunction (severe)
Malnutrition (inadequate protein digestion or intake)
Celiac Sprue
Advanced stages of acidosis
Zinc deficiency
Posterior pituitary hypofunction
Anabolic hormones
May be seen during normal pregnancy
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