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I have been prescribed hydrocodone 7.5mg (pain killer) i have never been prescribed a pain killer before. I injured by back at work, and the hydro's help however i am thinking about not taking them anymore because of the side affects. i have about 36 of them left and i know that they can become habit forming but that is not my issue. they make me very drowsy almost light headed, my memory has also been affected. i had to look up my mothers phone number. i have been dialing that same number for 8 years and i had to look it up today because i could not remember what it was. if i am trying to enplane things i have to take my time because i cant recall information correctly, the pills are also affecting my dreams i tried to take a cat nap earlier and i had a dream that my roommate handed me the phone but i could not move. i could not talk i was frozen/paralyzed i couldn't even open my eyes. i don't know if i should try to bare the pain or just keep on with these concerning side affects. i am not sure that the side affects can become worse or case further damage. any information will be greatly appreciated.
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Or try taking 1/2 a pill sometimes when you have too much for the pain then it acts different as side effects.  I know for some things I can't take percocet but for others I can when I had surgery on my nose (rebroken and set plus the deviated septum) It didn't cause any issues but when used for my back it caused hallucinations.  Might be too much meds for the problem your having.
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There are other pain reliever available. You shouldn't have to suffer with pain or the bad side effects. Call your doc and ask for something else.
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I have taken those also. They really do nothing for me including help with pain. You shouldn't have any lasting  side effects from them. Only take one at a time. They affect different people different ways. Give them a few days before you decide to handle the pain.
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