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Muscle Spasms after knee replacement surgery

I under went knee replacement surgery in March. Shortly there after I began to have muscle spasms in my thighs. They are especially bad at night when I am laying down. They stop once I sit up. I have tried all the usual treatments for spasms ( my potassium is fine). My doctor just put me on baclafin but it is not helping. My doctor has no other answers. Can you help? Gus
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
I would suggest you get the blood levels of the following checked if they have not already been checked: potassium, calcium, sodium, vitamin B complex, or vitamins B1, B3, or B6 and Vitamin D. Generally deficiencies of any of the above can cause muscle twitching and spasms in localized or generalized areas of the body. Get your kidney function, parathyroid gland function and adrenal function tests done because these affect the electrolyte balance in the body. Stress, alcohol, and fatigue all cause similar symptoms. Hence probably a visit to a chiropractor may help if all the above mentioned tests are normal.
Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
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I had knee replacement surgery 6 weeks ago. . . the spasms you describe are the same as I have. . . the doctor will begin tests in 4 weeks if not better. . . it seems to me to be some kind of nerve damage related to either the tourniquet or the femoral nerve block. . . I also have EXTREME sensitivity on my middle to outer thigh. . . .  
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