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Neuropathy and Cardiac Symptoms

Hi :)

I'm a 26 year old female, married with children. I'm hoping someone can help me because my doctor (and a second opinion doctor) haven't been able to find anything. My BMI is normal, leaning toward underweight. I don't smoke, don't use drugs and drink alcohol occasionally (I haven't had any since the symptoms started). I'm not on any medications.

I have been quite unwell for going on six weeks now. I've been feeling slightly off balance (enough to notice but not enough to worry me) for about six months. Six weeks ago I had an episode of heart palpitations, numbness and burning in feet. My chest was tight, I felt faint and had pins and needles radiating up my arms. I went to the ER, was diagnosed with anxiety and sent home. I have felt worse ever since that day. My symptoms since then have been:

- Cardiac arrhythmia, feeling like my heart skips a beat. The heart monitor at the dr showed "PV" every couple of    minutes but they said that's normal.

- Strong headache, sometimes at the base of the skull but usually all over.

- Pins and needles and numbness in legs and toes. A neurologist said he didn't believe it was a neuropathy. I wake up every hour at night and have to shake my arms to get the feeling back in them, also I twitch everywhere! My eyes, mouth, hands, legs.

- Difficulty swallowing, it varies day-to-day with how severe it is. I have a constant tightness in my throat, extending to my jaw.

- A strange dizzy feeling, it's difficult to describe. I feel as though i've had a few drinks, my vision goes blurry occasionally and i'm just not with it.

- I feel a pressure in my eyes.

- I get sharp pains, in both the left and right side of my chest, neck, back, underarms and legs.

- Moments of tachycardia (rapid pulse) and fluctuating blood pressure.

Test results:

Normal ECG, normal echo.
Normal bloodwork, FBC, iron study, liver function.
TSH was 5.3 on one test and 2.3 on a following. My doctor has requested a thyroid ultrasound and further bloodwork but said it was a precaution and she doubts it will come back abnormal.
Chest X-ray clear.

My doctor believes it is an encephalogical reaction to the H1N1 vacine that I had 8 weeks ago. I'm not so sure.

I do have a specific question, my serum magnesium level was 0.89. The doctor said this is fine, but i'm reading conflicting opinions. Is this normal or on the low side?

I hope someone can offer some suggestions, I just want to feel better and be a proper mother again :( I'm becoming more scared the longer this continues.

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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Normal serum magnesium varies from 1.7 to 2.2 mg/dL. However the values may vary slightly among different laboratories. Hence it is important to know what reference range your lab is using.
Common causes of low magnesium are hypoparathyroidism, hyperaldosteronism, ulcerative colitis, alcoholic liver disease, pancreatitis etc.
I would suggest you get the blood levels of the following checked if they have not already been checked: potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, vitamin B complex, or vitamins B1, B3, or B6 and Vitamin D. Generally deficiencies of any of the above can cause muscle twitching and spasms in localized or generalized areas of the body. Get your kidney function, parathyroid gland function and adrenal function tests done because these affect the electrolyte balance in the body. Stress, alcohol, caffeine and fatigue all cause similar symptoms. Certain sleep disorders and peripheral nerve disorders due to diabetes or hypothyroidism can also be the cause.
Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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