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Please help! List of symptoms. Fibromyalgia?

The last year or so I've been having a lot symptoms. I haven't had much luck going to the doctor either.

Bloating/Weight gain - for a few months I was gaining 2 lbs a week despite exercise and healthy diet. 50 lbs total gained

Missed 5 periods consecutively. Not pregnant and not on birth control

Swelling - hands swell up randomly, occasionally accompanied by face swelling.

Stiffness - Especially in the morning.

Migraines/headaches - I've had migraines all my life but lately I've been having a lot more


Achy, sore, throbby back pain. And sudden loss of flexibility.

Brain fog/ Memory loss


Numbness in hands

Foot cramps

Heartburn & Indigestion

Difficulty swallowing. Sometimes it feels like whatever I'm eating or drinking gets stuck in my esophogus

Occasional chest pains

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Fibromyalgia and low D have the same symptoms

You probably do have different health issues that need to be addressed.

Raising levels is beneficial though.

No I haven't heard that Low D causes missed periods.

PCOS and Thyroid can.

I hope you get more answer soon
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Thank you!
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ask for the TSH and Free T4 levels. Just because it is in range does not mean it isn't low. It could be subclinical. As for fibromyalgia, Its possible, but I would think this is a form of lupus.

Also get your Thiamine checked. This is rare, but not for bariatric patients. Anyway, it does happen.

Hope this helps and you find the answers you need to get healthy.
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Thanks! I requested them yesterday. I will review them and I also have a doctor appointment with a new doctor later this week.
I'll start taking magnesium with the D. Being deficient causes all of these symptoms? Even the weight gain and my period being almost 6 months late? Seems like something more is going on even if I am truly deficient.
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Printouts of results are important. Just going by the doctor saying you're in normal range isn't good.

Lab range for Vitamin D is 30-100ng/mL
My daughter was tested at 32, which is considered normal, but levels will drop in the winter and then she'd be deficient. I started giving her supplements.

You really need to take magnesium with the Vitamin D. Taking D without it can cause calcium imbalance as well as cause magnesium deficiency.
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  Also have them check your thyroid....I went into early menopause b4 I  was 40 and much later found it was due to an auto immune thyroid condition called Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
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My doctor checked my thyroid. He said it's within normal range. I was surprised because I felt like all of my symptoms lined up with some sort of thyroid problem. But I keep reading that even though your thyroid is within range you can still have thyroid related issues. I don't know. I just want to feel better.
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Sounds like you could have symptoms of vitamin / mineral deficiency.

As for the missed periods...I don't know your age, but it could be Perimenopause. I also have Adenomyosis. Mine causes heavy periods, weight gain. Vitamin D deficiency can mess with your cycle.

I'm recovering from it now. I had some of the symptoms you describe. I felt sick for years and was told it's just a virus. All testing was normal. I got much worse last Sept. I needed a blood transfusion for anemia and nobody was too concerned about the low Vitamin D. Now it's a struggle trying to recover from everything. I'm better then I was, but I still have symptoms. I've raised my Vitamin D level from 19.2 to 61ng/mL in 11 weeks.

You need daily supplements for recovery. Many things deplete them in your body. You need D3 for the rest of your life. Magnesium is a must to take with D3. It balances the calcium in your body. If you do need iron...take it 2-3 hours before or after the magnesium. They hinder each other's absorption.

Also...make sure to get potassium in you when taking magnesium.

AND lots of water. You have to stay hydrated.

Blood work will check Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, calcium and iron/ferritin.  

I was prescribed iron pills that I take with chewable vitamin C.
I bought the other supplements over the counter and online through Amazon. Vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin K2 & Vitamin B12 sublinguals.

People/doctors don't realize these deficiencies don't just cause fatigue. Also, lab ranges are set too low. Get a printout of your results. Don't just accept your doctor saying you're in normal range.
You can be iron deficient and NOT be anemic.

Vitamin D level needs to be above 50ng/mL. 60-80 is optimal
Vitamin B12 level needs to be above 500. Closer to 800 is better
Ferritin level needs to be above 50
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Thank you! I was told my Vitamin D level was a little low. Since then I've been taking a supplement daily. He said all of my others were within range.I'll get a copy of my labs to check where they are within that range.
As for my periods, I just turned 36. I would hope it isn't Perimenopause. I don't have any other symptoms of Perimenopause.

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