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Please help

Can anyone help me, a few days ago I awoke early in the morning feeling sick and ended up vomiting all of the previous nights dinner, after that I went back to bed and slept all day until my dad insisted on taking me to the hospital. I continued to sleep in the corridor of the hospital until I was seen. I had to have a drip because I had a fever of 39, I had extremely bad back pain, a headache and a sensitive abdomen, especially when the doctor pushed in and then released.
I had blood tests, pregnancy test, urine test, x-rays, ultrasound and a gynaeconologist examination, all came back fine. the doctor wanted to keep me in another day for fears of peritonitis or appendicitis. but after the sleepless previous night I wanted to go home, especially as all my symptoms had gone. After coming home I felt a lot better but a day after i.m now feeling a bit dizzy, weak and seem to have a bit of acid indegestion and after I eat it hurts my stomach and it feels sensitive and i get full quickly, my hands are slightly shakey and my legs feel a bit wobbly. Please help, I am in Italy at my dads and am due to travel back to England on Sunday, Thank you.
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The initial onset could have been related to a virus or infection, the pain from the Doc pushing in and letting out is appendix, but that will become tender and inflamed anytime there is abdominal swelling.   Your current symptoms should all be attributed to recovery from a virus, but you can't rule out the possibility of an increased state of another illness. I suggest you get in to see your family doc for follow up or return to the ER if symptoms become worse or persist beyond a couple days.  You could also contact your family doc or his nurse over the phone for additional advise or assistance on the matter.  Best wishes in getting well soon!
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The pain you are feeling when the doctor stops pushing on your stomach is known as "rebound tenderness." This is a symptom frequently seen with appendicitis and peritonitis, but can also be present in some other conditions less frequently. With all the negative testing and exams, there's not a whole lot more you can do right now except keep close tabs with your doctor and/or get a second opinion if the symptoms persist or recur. If it is either one of those conditions, they are not something to play around with. Take care.

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