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I am a healthy 67 year old woman.  Five months ago (Jan. 13th) I experienced mucscle pain down the back of my upper legs. A few days later the muscle pain went away, however my left knee became so sore I could hardly walk. Within a week both knees were in horrible pain.  X-Ray & MRI indicated Arthritus in both knees and torn cartledge.  I had arthoscopic surgery on left knee on March 9th.  Pain in knee continued, had cortizone injuection in knee on June 1st.  Pain lessened, but was still bad enough that it still hurts when I walk.

On June 13th I woke up to a case of hives.  On June 15th I went to the Doctor, I was given an injection of cortizone
and put on Methylprednisolone (Medrol) 4 MG Dosepak 21's.  Pain in knees lessened, Hives began to disappear, however palms of hands remained extremely itchy with a burning feeling.

On June 19th my right thumb began to ache severly, within 10 minutes both thumbs were throbing.  A short time after that my wrists were hurting badly and then my knees starting hurting.  When I got up from the sofa to go to bed
that night I felt dizzy & passed out on the floor.  I was only out for a short time, then I went to bed.  During the night my joints and muscles got so sore that I couldn't move my arms, fingers or legs.  At 1:00am my husband called an
ambulance and I was taken to the hospital.  In the hospital I had a 4 degree fever. Tylenal took care of the fever and
morphine took care of a lot of the pain.  But, on one came up with a diagnosis.

On June 23rd I woke up and could hardly lift my arms.  The mucles in my arms were so sore that I had to keep my elbows against my body because the weight of them hanging from my shoulders was too painful.

This morning (June 24th) I woke up at about 2:00 am with pain in my hands so bad I could hardly stand it.  I can't lift anything because of the pain in my arms and hands, it takes two hands to hold a cup of coffee, I can't comb my hair
because I can't lift my arms, I can't close my fists because the joints and muscles are so sore.  And, my hands         are beginning to feel like pins and needles, and still itch.

I noticed that several people that have posted their condition have mentioned itching or a rash and am wondering if there might be some kind of connection going on.

The doctors are still running texts.

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