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Several Symptoms. Undiagnosed.

Hi. In the last 7 months I have had many symptoms and I still am not better/diagnosed. I am an 18 yr old male, average weight with no serious past medical problems. First of all, I had high blood pressure as far back as 2 or 3 years ago for unknown reasons and also vague dizziness. 7 months ago, I had some sort of attack type thing where i got very dizzy, chest pain, rapid and pounding heart and was scared to death. Since then, I have had reoccuring dizziness, chest pain/pressure, rapid/pounding heart rate, fatigue, light headedness, enlarge lymph nodes, ringing in ears, my body parts "fall asleep" very easily, anxiety from being scared, and now i still am experiencing many of these and I am also having night sweats and several other symptoms. My blood pressure stays at about 138/80. I have been tested for many things; ct scan of the head, blood tests, etc etc... my doc put me on a diuretic for blood pressure and medicine for anxiety... I am currently not using them anymore. My anxiety is diminished because I do feel a bit better then 5 months ago. My blood pressure is still a bit high. Can anybody help? please? Thanks for reading if you got this far.
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Can you list the tests you've had and the results? This will help us to help you better.
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ct scan of the head, a mri or something to look at my renal artery to see if that causes the high blood pressure, blood tests, ecg, holter moniter (1 day), thyroid tests, and several doctors visits. They have all come back fine. Another rather large thing i forgot to mention is that i was also diagnosed with mono, this was about 5 months ago though. I dont think mononucleosis could do all this to me anyways, especially for this long... I hope that helps more. Thanks!
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I've tried to match all your symptoms with possible aspartame poisoning. (Many of my own symptoms are mentioned in your post.  I had problems with aspartame for approximately nine years.)
There is a list of symptoms at:


Aspartame poisoning can mimic many different diseases and disorders including Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's Disease, Lupus, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lymphoma, Lyme Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Panic Disorder, and Depression and other Psychological Disorders.

Eliminate all aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal) from your diet for 30 or 60 days and see if it makes a difference to you.  I was misdiagnosed for many years when the real problem was diet soda, low-fat yogurt, and sugar-free gum.  Read labels carefully, as aspartame is contained in many products... even over-the-counter flu and cold remedies... and in almost all chewing gum and breath strips.
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wow, ill try doing that. thank you. what other foods is it in? and is aspartame listed right in the ingredients sections in foods? and that could possibly be it, because i drink only diet soda, i chew gum, and i eat alot of lowfat yogurt.
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Aspartame is in nearly 6,000 products.  It's named Equal, NutraSweet, SugarTwin, and aspartame.  Sometimes it's not listed in the ingredients, but is elsewhere on the label.

Just because chewing gum isn't sugar-free doesn't mean it doesn't contain aspartame!  Aspartame is what gives some gum it's "new longer-lasting flavor."  Be sure to check the label.  Many other counter remedies have aspartame such as TheraFlu and others.  Even some children's chewable vitamins contain aspartame.

Aspartame caused me many, many problems and now I see the government has produced another report declaring it 'safe'.  Right.  See for yourself if aspartame is causing your problems and don't let someone else decide for you.  Eliminating it from your diet for 30-60 days will probably let you know whether it's aspartame affecting you or not.
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ok i will be absolutely sure to do so. the thing is, i am not an avid aspertame user, i have the occasional diet coke, and alot of those flavored water drinks, and i also chew sugarfree gum... can i get the poisoning even if i dont use it every single day?
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My own experience is that it doesn't take a lot to have effects on me.  A breath strip or two a day was enough to keep my memory very foggy (I couldn't read a book and understand it) and also kept me from thinking well enough to even add numbers in my head.  I have also read that a single stick of gum can cause vertigo for some people.

The effects of aspartame are accumulative; it adds up over time... so it also takes a while to eliminate it from your body.
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Please check with your doctor about not taking your meds. Dizzy,pounding heart,feeling scared,fatigue,numbness in body parts, unable to concentrate and dizziness can be from panic attacks. Panic attacks is have more feelings of panic and/or scared than you and your boby can handle at one time. My daughter,Laura had problems like this. This is not faking things. It is real.  Find a therapist or some one to help you handle stress. Most of all to help your perceive the sress in your environment. Meaning,you might intrepret that there is more stress than there is. Maybe it is because the way you brought up,past thing that have happened or what ever. The chest pain,dizziness could be related to your blood pressure problems. High blood pressure is serious. The swollen glands could be a resideual from your mono. or immune system.  Night sweats ? maybe a hormonal problem - no I don't mean THE HORMONAL problem. But, it could be any of the many hormones in our body. A hormonal problem or a immune system could be why you just do not feel well,ei;fatigue,dizzyand pounding heart. Now,I am not a MD. Start here, Do you have a good regular doctor ? If not find a good doctor. A referral to an endocrine doctor(hormones) and a therapist to evaluate your anxiety, and go from there.   I will pray for you.  Jody
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Hi, my name is claire. My story starts march 2007 when i became pregnant to my partner. We were over the moon and really excited at the thought of our little one being born. due date was the 10th of December. my pregnancy was text book until i went for the twelve weeks glucose tolerence test in which i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which is not uncommon in pregnancy. Still all went well. Because i had developed diabetes though i now had to watch my sugar intake, so i was sent to see the diabetic nurse to monitor my progress in the pregnany. Course now all the sugary products had to be got rid of as i was put on insulin three times a day to control my blood sugar levels, and of course i had to have more scans in my pregnancy than was usual. This is to watch for signs of the baby growing too large. My liver was also tested, which was fine to start with, so no worries at all. The scans always showed a healthy normal baby slowly growing and all was well.
Slowly over the months i started to replace the sugar in my diet with low sugar products, and Canderel in my tea. Day in and day out i ate what i was told was good for both me and my baby and so i thought everything was going to be fine. After about 6 months of pregnany and the many tests that i had to have, something started to change. My liver was slowly getting high readings in the tests they did on me, firstly the reading were slightly raised, then a month after, they raised a little more. Nobody was worried though as they say it is very common for this to happen in mid to late pregnany, and all seemed to be going well with our baby.
It was three days before they decided to induce me for our baby to be born 2 weeks before his due date. they said they dont like the pregnancy going full term just in case the baby starts to get too big with all the extra insulin floating about in the blood stream. so i prepared myself for a delivery the thursday of late november 2007. On the monday before that date though, our baby stopped moving and we became very worried. we got ourself up the the hospital as quickly as we could. I was rushed into theatre for an emergency cesarian.

Our son was born on the 26th of november 2007, he was rushed into the intensive care unit for monitoring after they had realised that he had been badly compromised before he was born. These things happen sometimes and we accepted that, although we were very puzzled after what seemed like a text book pregnancy to why things had gone so wrong. The doctors themselves expressed confusion to what had happened. our sons blood chemistry was haywire and he started fitting more or less straight away and was very poorly at one point. They didnt really know what could have happened. things started to become more clear though as they examined the placenta and umbilical cord. It had developed blood clots, and in the final few days, one clot had broken away to partly block our son's life line to his mums placenta. Still we just put it down to one of those things, even though it has become clear now that our son's development will be effected by what happened. We just accepted it as bad luck.

our son is now 4 month old and doing ok. The health issue is now with me. since He was born my liver reading were expected to return to normal, not only have they not, but have become even worse. I recently had a liver test done after a post natal examination caused concern over the reading. The gamma part of the test is the one that shows intake of substances that the body cannot deal with. Usually it is excessive alcohol or drugs that cause this part of the liver test to be high. A normal alcoholic will have a reading of 4 to 6 time the normal level. My reading for the gamma is a massive 10 times what it should be. I have been asked twice now by medical staff if i am a alcoholic and when i tell them that i am tee total and have been for years, they look at me with dismay and cant work out why my readings are so high. It wasnt until the doctor said. (this is something in your life style that is causing this, and usually to have reading so high you would have to be a raging alcoholic.. something you are doing is causing your liver to work hard as if its being poisoned like an alcoholic.) To this i was shocked because i know i dont drink, do drugs, medication or otherwise. my diet is still good and yes i dont even take sugar. this is when it hit me, the only difference in my life is the sugar free stuff i am eating and putting in my tea. Aspartame in all of these things. I decided to investigate and was shocked by my finding. i even saw a headline that said "ASPARTAME THE THALIDOMIDE OF THE 90'S" and we all know what that did to unborn babies.
The liver is your chemical factory, not only does it process toxins out of your blood stream but it also makes chemicals that help our bodies to function properly. One of those funtions is to regulate blood and clotting control. my liver started to go wrong as soon as i started to take artificial sweetners, not only in my tea in the form of canderel, but also in other food stuff like angel delight and sugar free chewing gum. This is the only thing in my diet that has changed, intake of Aspartame. i am under no doubt that this is the culprit to why my system is still being poisoned and maybe the link to why our son was so badly compromised. We went to see the specialist yesterday over our son and got the results from the MRI scan. The damage to his brain because of what happened we were told by the doctor, is highly likely to cause celebral palsy. This from a normal healthy pregnancy, scans which consistently showed a healthy baby.

Of course i am now off the horrible Aspartame poison and have been for almost a week. all i can do is hope and pray that the damage it had caused me is not permanent and that when i go and see the liver specialist my readings will start to fall and i dont have to have a liver biopsy. I guess at this point you may be wondering what massive intake i must have been taking to cause such problems for my health. well here is a run down to the amount i was taking. i'll let you decide if it's seems like a massive amount.

On average i would have 6 to 8 cups of  tea with two canderel in each cup.
For treats i would have sugar free angel delight maybe twice a weeks.
I would chew sugar free gum for a while in the day.
then there are the bits that do add up. Like sugar free or reduced sugar sauces like ketchup and salad cream. Its also in options chocolate drinks i had at bed time, and in some cereal that is supposed to be low in sugar.
I never drink fizzy pop like cans of coke or other flavours, but it is in dilute fruit cordial which i drunk through the summer months.
Not a massive amount as you can see, but the things with Aspartame, its accumlative, it builds up and stores in your system and tissue, slowly eating away at you. A time bomb waiting to go off.

I do urge all of you who read this to watch the food labels and if it says ASPARTAME to throw it in the bin, dont give it to your children, and please if you are pregnant dont even think of taking anything with this substance in it. It could be responsible for hurting not only you, but your unborn baby......

I also had migraines when ingesting this stuff, fuzzy lights,headache and vision blurryiness...never had a migraine in my life before until i started sugar free and low sugar due to my diabetes.


Just to add, if anybody is interested in more info regarding Aspartame and the effects it has then please don't hesitate to contact me as given what has happened with our son and myself, me and my partner have decided to reasearch the stuff and have made a free info forum about it. I am not sure i can put the link on here though, so anybodys interested then please contact me.

I wish you all the best.

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