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Severe lower abdominal pain after showering

Hi there, first time poster. Im asking this because Ive searched all over the net and can't find anything remotely similar to what Ive got. Over the past year or so, perhaps even longer. I have had, infrequently, severe pain in my lower abdomen after showering.

The pain starts after a get out of the shower, usually 1-2 minutes later. Within a few minutes it can become absolutely unbearable, rendering me near incapacitated. for 15-60 minutes, and then, it quickly fades, and I have no residue ill feelings, in fact, I usually feel totally fine. The pain is throughout the entire lower abdomen, though it is notable stronger in my back, possibly around my kidneys.

It generally happens out of nowhere one day... I sometimes have lesser effects after showering the day or two after it. This has happened over a long time period, but actual occurences usually only happen around every 2 months. Probably 6-8 times in total. Im at a loss to know what triggers it, the only possible causes I could think of, are that I think it usually happens after Ive taken an especially long shower, and I may have been slightly dehydrated when this has occured.

Im an otherwise perfectly healthy 20 year old male. And nobody I know has heard of, let alone had, any of the symptoms I do. Ive been considering going to a doctor about this, but every time the pain goes away I feel perfectly healthy, and I dont have any other symptoms whatsoever.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I was just searching online for this same problem. I'm a 32 year old male. I started getting this same pain a year or so ago after taking hot showers. The pain starts to happen almost immediately after i get out of the shower and start drying off. Im almost afraid to take showers its so bad. My showers are usually 10 minutes or less.
Now, once I start felling the pain starting, I head to my bed and lay flat on my stomach. This seems to make the pain slowing go away withing 3 to 5 minutes. The pain gets so unbearable I place my head in my pillow face down and moan very loud, sometimes scream. Ive asked my doctor about it and he just says its strange..
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Wow i have the exact same pain in my kidney area, and I believe the previous poster is correct.  It makes sense because shallow breathing causes what is called respiratory acidosis.  Your kidneys (renal function) are what your body uses to compensate for your overabundance of CO2.   This may be why pain is felt in the kidney area.  Possibly they are working overtime to fix the problem.  Amazing nobody has studied this yet.  

I am also a 25 year old healthy male.  Same problem.
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I hope my answers helps.....I sometimes have the same problem.....the way we get it is when we shower....its usually with hot water and if we take too long showering we start breathing less. Then by the time we get out of the shower we aren't breathing as we should be (even though we think we are). So my suggestion is don't shower with water hot enough that it looks like your taking a steam bath. While in the shower don't forget to breath. And if you still have the pain I suggest going to your bed lay down, face up and start moving your knees up and down with big inhales and exhales. Should be gone in about 10 min.
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I also have this problem. I'm 17 and I've had this same type of back pain since middle school. It used to just happen any time of the day but it seems to be occurring more after showers these days. Usually my episodes are less than 10 minutes. I'm overweight, but not obese. I don't exercise much, but I don't eat much unhealthy food either. I haven't formally seen a doctor about it, since the pain fades so quickly.
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A related discussion, Stomach pains after taking shower was started.
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I have the exact same problem.  I've went to the doctor many times and he keeps telling me it's in my head.  Have you found out anything about it?  Please let me know, any information will be helpful.
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I've had a similar problem when I was a kid.

Though it usually happens before a shower strangely enough
While my case could easily be different I remember going to the doctors when I was 9.
They simply told me to wear looser pants and offered me a specific type of clothing (Loose bands / Not around stomach)
Although this didn't actually work though
I just had a mini attack which is why I found this page but recently I've started wearing tighter pants
So possibly it could be that but I honestly doubt. Though its worth a shot and I'm going to try doing it againl
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I think trial and error can be beneficial to see if something impacts it. Thanks for sharing.  Can you come back and let us know if this helps?
Yes I’ve got he same problem as well, it happens before having a shower as I step in.
The pain is strong at the start then starts to fade away 10-15 min later.

I doubt it’s the tight clothing as I don’t wear tight clothes. I’ve been having these symptoms for about 5 years and I only get it about once or twice a month.

I’ve gone to the doctors they said I have irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS). After soo many tests they came up with that and they said it’s not sure though.
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