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Sharp Pelvic to Chest Pain

I have been experiencing sharp pain from my pelvis to my sternum. The pain appears in thin vertical areas within the range; The most common areas for the strips of pain to appear are the tops of my breast, my sternum, the center of my abdomen, the vaginal walls, and the vaginal entrance. This seems to happen cyclically, with me experiencing the previously described pain for around 2-24 hours, and being pain free for around 3 months before experiencing the pain again.
I would say the pain is moderate to severe, though it doesn't impact my ability to function very much and my assessment may be too high or low. I have chronic pain from a diagnosed source, and because of it I'm more used to tuning out large amounts of pain and it makes it difficult for me to assess how much pain I am experiencing because I am so used to tuning out pain.
I tend to forget things a lot, so I've gone a while not seeing a doctor because of this, since every time it happens I don't remember it's happened before unless I try to do an in-depth explanation like this. It's also partially because around a third of the time when this happens, I am on my period, and end up just attributing it to that because I was never told what periods are supposed to feel like and don't recognize it as abnormal.
I know the issue cannot be related to age, pregnancy, or STDs/STIs.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Hi, since it happens low and high, that seems to rule out causes like Interstitial cystitis, Endometriosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

What about Musculoskeletal issues? Are you occasionally doing crunches or situps? Or anything else straining? Referred pain might be involved.

Btw, do you get a lot of brain fog?
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